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TR: Kennywood on Memorial Day 2012 (Long)


5/31/12 at
2:20:40 PM

Hello all!

I was on this site a lot a few years ago under a new name but my life got very busy and I got heavily involved into college so my amusement park life got put on hold, but I am out of college now and every now and then I plan to go attend amusement parks when it is financially viable for me to do so.

I am from Morgantown, WV so the closest amusement park to me is Kennywood, which is also the first real park I went to way back in the early 90s. I have grown to become extremely fond of Cedar Point due to its size, location, and extreme coasters but I still have a fondness in my heart for KW as it is close to home and a very traditional park that is still a wonderful experience for any thrill seeker. I went three times during the summer of 2007 and once in 2010 and this is my first time back since those trips. I went with my girlfriend and our other roommate, who I went with in 2010 so it was only their second time to the park.

One thing I have to say is going to an amusement park on Memorial Day is an AMAZING thing! The longest waits I had all day were maybe 20 minutes at the most, maybe less. A good majority of the rides were practically walk-ons or waiting through a cycle or two or three. So, I don't start rambling, I will do everything in bullet point mode:

SkyRocket: I rode this once back when it opened in 2010 and I enjoyed it but didn't really remember it since. I ended up riding it three times that day due to the short waiting times, with each time being maybe 5 minutes. The launch was a nice feeling for not being on a coaster in two years and that drop was amazing. The ride itself is very short but with the inversions and a couple of great airtime spots, it is a fun ride but not a Top 10. Oh and riding in the backseat is a crazier experience though not one I'd want to do often.

Phantom's Revenge: I remember riding the Steel Phantom right before the change occurred and then coming back the next year after the inversions were removed. I hated the inversions and absolutely welcomed the new airtime bumps. The ride's airtime is so intense and practically perfect because it is ejector air but not painful (to me at least) may be my favorite airtime on a coaster ever. I only rode it once because once again...THEY ONLY HAD ONE TRAIN RUNNING and it becomes so annoying as the wait time would be so much greater if they would just run two. When I rode it once, it was only a two-cycle wait. Also, my girlfriend was not a fan of the intense airtime and G-forces so that was another reason we didn't ride it again.

THE EXTERMINATOR: No joke, we rode it four times. Mainly because my girlfriend and our friend love it the most and the first two times, it was a walk-on...the next two times were probably our longest waits of the day for 15-20 minutes. I do like the ride myself. It is the best wild mouse coaster out there and the drops and turns are so perfectly designed. Each ride feels different and I love that!

THUNDERBOLT: Since our friend didn't want to ride with a stranger, my girlfriend and I went on this one. It use to be my favorite coaster in the park (it still contends) and it has great nostalgic value for me. My girlfriend was indifferent about it, but I still love it. It is my favorite woodie in the park.

JACK RABBIT: I do have a soft spot for the Jack Rabbit as it is the first real coaster I rode as a kid, but as an adult, it doesn't pack the same punch anymore except for the famous double dip. I understand its value and, like it said, it has a soft spot, and I feel obligated to ride it, but it is not exactly my favorite, aside from that drop.

RACER: I feel like this one is always called the "tame" wooden coaster but I think that it is more thrilling than the Jack least from an adult point-of-view. Sure, it is easy to determine who wins each time, but it is a classic coaster with a lot of history.

LOG JAMMER: I am not a huge fan of getting wet and I prefer coasters so the combination of getting only a smidge wet and having the feel of a coaster makes me prefer this ride to the other water rides in the park. We rode it twice and each time had a very short wait.

RAGING RAPIDS: I got pretty soaked on this one but I didn't care as it was a pretty hot 90 degrees that day. I love this rapid ride compared to Thunder Canyon and a few others.

PITTSBURG PLUNGE: This ride is good if you want to be drenched, but I honestly would rather stand by the sidelines and get wet on the bridge than wait in line, which was one of the longest waits of the day due to someone getting blood (I have no idea how) on the backseat of one of the cars and it had to be throroughly cleaned. Thankfully, it didn't seem to get me as soaked as normally as it had in the past so that was nice....and it did help with the heat.

KANGAROO: Classic and unique ride that I can't help but love.

BAYERN KURVE: I hadn't ridden this one in a while but I remembered it being surprisingly fast and I warned my two close friends of it, but they didn't realize how intense it would be. Needless to say, I fell in love with it again but they felt like they were going to die!

Muzik Express: I hadn't been on this one in a long time and I also loved it except for the fact that getting slammed up against the metal sides of the car for the entire ride was asbsolutely painful.

COSMIC CHAOS: I love this flat ride, which is rare for something that spins. I do have a little anger for the fact that it replaced one of my favorite flat rides (The Flying Carpet) but I still think it was a great addition.

PIRATE: We were the only three on this ride. My girlfriend is terrified of these kinds of rides but actually ended up somewhat enjoying it.

GARFIELD'S NIGHTMARE: I never went on this ride since the theme was changed but I had gone on it as the Old Mill. My girlfriend and friend were in the mood for something cute so we went on it...and needless to say, as much as I love Garfield, I was not pleased and neither were they. I hate that they ruined what was one of the most historic and also the oldest ride in the park by making it this neon sloppy mess.

MISC....: No trip to Kennywood is complete without a trip to The Potato Patch. I got a heart attack inducing Bacon and Cheddar Fries. At the end of the day, I got cotton candy for the road.

I still can't get over how quickly I got onto everything and how light the crowd was. When we got there, the parking lot was less than half full.

Gotta love Giant Eagle discount tickets for $24.99! Because of this, we can manage a trip up for just under $100!!

Planning on another trip up this summer and hopefully two more!

Re: TR: Kennywood on Memorial Day 2012 (Long) by frontrow frontrow Profile at 5/31/12 10:50:13 PM
Great TR and congratulations. You were able to find a day where Kennywood wasn't crowded. Kennywood is my home park. I love the wooden coasters and the unique flats. The park is beautiful. There are things that annoy me to no end, like the single train operation on all the coasters. I'm not going to rant any further. Everyone on here has read my complaints about that park. Let me know next time you go. I only live 25 minutes away, maybe I could meet you there sometime.