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College-Age Enthusiast/Video Editors Wanted


5/29/12 at
3:23:18 PM

My company is looking to do a small, historical video project on amusement parks. We are discussing this with several universities, but wanted to open it up to enthusiasts, also (preferably in school).

In a nutshell, we are looking for a 2-4 minute video where the editor (i.e. you) will be working with our team to assemble footage in the manner we would like. We will provide all of the footage, music, etc., and you will be providing your expertise, pc, software, etc. If you're interested in discussing this further email us at, hopefully with a link (youtube, vimeo, etc.) to some of your work. We will get back with you later this summer.


PS: To answer the easy questions:

1) No you will not get paid.
2) Yes, if you do good work you will get a glowing reference from us.
3) We will probably also throw in a Skycoaster or Slingshot ride (as in, you go on the ride, not you own the ride :)