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TR: Mt Olympus 5/21/12

Overbanked Overbanked Profile

5/25/12 at
4:21:07 AM

Coming in from Minnesota into Wisconsin Dells the first thing that I noticed at from Mt Olympus's parking lot is Hades of course. The weather was nice, and I was ready to ride some coasters (esp Hades). Then I go to the booth, and the lady told me that there are only two coasters running in the outdoor park (with Zeus, and Hades being down) So I asked the million dollar question; Is Hades running? She said no, Pegasus, and Cyclops are the only two that are running; But she did tell me that Hades is gonna open tomorrow (5/22/12); I asked if they have two-day types deals, and she said no. So, I told her that, That's a toughie, and I said that I'll be back at another time. Then I drove to Timber Falls Adventure Park, thinking that I'll chill at Timber Falls and get a couple of rides on HellCat, but I noticed thing the park was silent which isn't a good thing, no roaring Hellcat, the Skyscraper flat was in the 9 & 3 o'clock position, so the employee told me the only thing that was open is the mini golf, and that the park is closed for maintenance, and was gonna open Friday (today 5/25/12).

So I make the best out of an already dreary situation, and head back to the park which main attraction is closed.

On with the TR.

Mt Olympus 5/21/12

Cyclops: Rode it three times. A pretty rough woodie. It's the most roughest in the back. The first drop is moderate. It being terrain coaster, it's tallest and most thrilling drop happens to be the sixth one, which will definitely catch first timers off guard. The track length is pretty short.

Pegasus: A cute lil' family woodie that is far more smoother than Cyclops. It goes over one of the go-cart tracks.

Opa: An indoor Zamperla twisting wild mouse facsimile. I've ridden two others before, Wild Mouse at Beech Bend, and Galaxy Spin at Cypress Gardens (Now Power Trip Coaster at Fun Spot USA in FL).

Indoor Tea Cups: Very good spinning tea cups. I noticed that if you basically spin one good time counter-clockwise, you don't have to spin the rest of the ride.

I found myself trying to find something to do, I swung at a couple of balls in the batting cage (Medium speed) and rode the two go-kart tracks (the only ones that where open) Trojan Horse and Poseidon. My go-kart was really sputtering out up a terrain hill on the Poseidon Track; It's all about how much you weigh concerning how speedy you are, and I'm no linebacker by no means, just 210lbs. Man it's annoying flooring the pedal, and you still gain no ground LOL. They had two upcharge attractions that I passed on, and Screamin Swing type ride that had a highway robbery price on it (I think somewhere around $12-$15) and a Slingshot. The last rides I rode was in the indoor park, and when I left, the closed outdoor park was a ghost town. I was flirting with the idea of spending a night at a hotel to ride Hades on the 22nd, but I decided that was too much just to ride one coaster a couple of times; Don't get me wrong, I seriously considered it. To rub salt in the wound, as I left, some employees were test running Hades, with one of the trains on the parking lot tall hill as the guys on the hill pushed the train with employee riders back into the second tunnel towards the station run, as they where whooping and hollering. *sigh* Oh well, there's always another time.

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Re: TR: Mt Olympus 5/21/12 by frontrow frontrow Profile at 5/25/12 6:00:12 AM
Man what a bummer, especially since you drove all the way from Florida. It would have been interesting to read your review of Hades, being that you rode The Voyage just a few days earlier. IMO they are on the same upper tier along with El Toro and Boulderdash. Last year Cyclops was really smooth and was the pleasant surprise of the trip. That goes to show how temperamental wooden coasters can be from year to year. Well, hopefully you can get back to Wisconsin someday to ride Hades.
Re: TR: Mt Olympus 5/21/12 by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 5/27/12 7:16:40 AM
Yeah, I went against my golden rule, never go to far away parks during off-season. I guess that I kinda rushed to judgement from last year when I was sick all summer, and only got to go to BGT, thinking a repeat of that scenario would happen again this year. Of course I'm constantly second guessing myself right now, thinking I should have got a hotel room, and ridden Hades the next day, but I had to get back in town soon anyway. Oh well, two main coasters (Steel Venom, and Hades; with HellCat being n/a since I didn't pay anything at the would-be sixth park) out of five parks during off season, it could have easily been worst, so I'll take that and run with it.

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Re: TR: Mt Olympus 5/21/12 by theRock-steel theRock-steel Profile at 5/27/12 8:08:37 AM
I'd like to make a comment on all of your choice of parks this year.

Holiday World - Good coasters; there is something about the flats that you don't always see; great service.

Indiana Beach - There wasn't really anything great there. The woodens were all a little rough. Steel Hawg was very different but the line was all in the sun so I didn't go again. LCSM had a very slow moving line so I missed it. I didn't stay very long. I went back for a second half day at SFGAM.

Valleyfair! - This was an ok Cedar Fair park. Of their size, Dorney and Worlds of Fun are much better. Wild Thing, Renegade, and Excalibur were its best coaster offerings. Steel Force is the only better Morgan. This is the sixth best GCI, below American Thunder but above Wildcat. Most of the other Arrows with steel tracks and wooden structures are "mine trains". The ride was short and the thrills were limited, but this was still better than all but one (Gemini). I did ride Steel Venom and Xtreme Swing. It's nice to find a twisted impulse and a large swing gives great airtime when you can get one without paying more.

Nickelodeon Universe - The mall itself and the flats are the big deal here. Brain Surge is the bomb! Avatar Airbender was a good surprise. The Pandemoniums are better Gerstlauer spinners. The lap bars on DDD made it much better than SBSPRBP and the layout on Mystery Mine was more interesting. The water flume was having problems, so I can't say anything about that until next time.

Wisconsin Dells (Mt. Olympus or Timber Falls) - I was able to ride HellCat five times for ever one time that I waited for anything else and it was a better coaster. Hades was incredible but way too rough. I'm not impressed with that park or the CCI smaller rides. Everything was rougher than needed to be, had a short track, and a line that was so not worth it. Sorry, but this may not be a place to go again. That's too bad because the big boy really was something as it screamed under the parking lot both ways.

Re: TR: Mt Olympus 5/21/12 by frontrow frontrow Profile at 5/27/12 8:42:52 AM
I give you credit Overbanked. In order to drive from Florida to Minnesota, you must be dedicated. It's always a treat to visit new parks and ride new coasters. You can watch all the videos, but you have to actually ride a coaster in order to see how much you like it. The Rock steel mentioned Hades was rough. Last year when I went to Mt. Olympus, Hades was running great. The first 3/4 of the ride was silky smooth. The last part of the ride got a little jerky, but not rough. Hellcat was running really rough that day, almost unbearable in the turns. I rode Hellcat 5 times, because I paid the money. I ended up riding Hades 10 times. One day when you're back in that area you'll have to visit again, so you can judge for yourself. Like you said, at least all the other coasters at the other parks were running.
Re: TR: Mt Olympus 5/21/12 by LoneStar LoneStar Profile at 5/29/12 5:27:32 PM
Dang, Chris, that sux. I am so sorry to hear that - and you missed out on some sweet coasters! Hades is my #2 wood, Hellcat is awesome (rode it 59 times in one day!) and Cyclops is...well, I'm sure you've read about its insanity.

I'm sorry to hear Zeus was rough. I rode back in 2006 and had no problems. It's a fun woodie, but nothing breath-taking. Fun air time, too.

Well, better luck next time. I feel for you, man.

- Pat-O

Re: TR: Mt Olympus 5/21/12 by chitlins73 chitlins73 Profile at 6/3/12 7:24:33 PM
Hey Chris....just trying to figure out my trip costs for my planned trip coming up in mid June.The website for mount Olympus does not list the price to get in.Do you remember the pricing there for the park?....Dion
Re: TR: Mt Olympus 5/21/12 by frontrow frontrow Profile at 6/3/12 8:04:07 PM
chitlins73 said:

Hey Chris....just trying to figure out my trip costs for my planned trip coming up in mid June.The website for mount Olympus does not list the price to get in.Do you remember the pricing there for the park?....Dion

Last year it was $38.99

Re: TR: Mt Olympus 5/21/12 by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 6/3/12 8:08:37 PM
Dion, the adult admission including tax, it came up exactly to $21.29 when I was there; I dunno if it had anything to do with so many attractions being closed like the outdoor waterpark, Zeus, Hades, Little Titans and about two or three of the go cart tracks, maybe that's why the price was so low. I received a purple wristband at the gate whatever that means. They have a toll free number for ticket pricing info, it's 855-247-0210

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Re: TR: Mt Olympus 5/21/12 by chitlins73 chitlins73 Profile at 6/3/12 10:32:58 PM
Thanks....appreciate the info.