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NY Times - Universal takes aim at Disney

RobLec RobLec Profile

5/21/12 at
10:11:42 AM

Business news, nothing really new here, but an interesting read.

Americans have not cut back on expensive theme park vacations the same way they have pared retail spending and other discretionary purchases.

G.E. and Blackstone were both more interested in wringing cash from the parks than expanding them... But Comcast is different. “We’re really feeling the love,” said Mr. Williams, Universal’s chief. Comcast has increased spending on the parks...

Full article below...

Universal takes aim at Disney

Re: SeaWorld San Antonio Waterpark by RobLec RobLec Profile at 5/21/12 10:28:05 AM
And while we're browsing the business news...

SeaWorld ready to unveil Aquatica Waterpark

Re: NY Times - Universal takes aim at Disney by theRock-steel theRock-steel Profile at 5/22/12 6:16:47 AM
I live in Florida. It sure seems that people on vacation will always go to a Disney park first. The locals and coaster nuts might go to a Universal or SeaWorld park more often though. The Japanese also love The Mouse, here and in their country.
Re: NY Times - Universal takes aim at Disney by RobLec RobLec Profile at 5/22/12 8:24:39 AM
We usually spend four days at Disney and two at USF. If Universal had four parks and Disney had two it would be the other way around.
Re: NY Times - Universal takes aim at Disney by Cyclone_Phil Cyclone_Phil Profile at 5/22/12 5:44:25 PM
Thanks to the park hopper, and days when one of the 4 parks closes after 10pm, I usually go for the major thrill rides and can do 3 of the 4 in a single day. In part because I'm older and probably don't appreciate the Disney stuff, I feel less inclined to stay longer at each park now. Past few years I've gone to mainly Universal and now BGT-SW.

As for these parks wars, I am happy to see this as in the end the competition means better stuff for us to choose and enjoy.