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Divertical At Mirabilandia-Testing Video

beastmaster beastmaster Profile

5/5/12 at
6:47:38 AM

This ride looks interesting, with elements of a coaster, Pilgrim's Plunge, Shoot The Rapids, and a traditional flume. But it looks painfully slow. And I don't know how many boats it has, but it looks like a capacity nightmare.

Re: Divertical At Mirabilandia-Testing Video by Absimilliard Absimilliard Profile at 5/5/12 12:33:18 PM
I'm not too sure if Mirabilandia management have a clear clue how to run their park these days. Within a few years, they opened two nice dark rides and then turn one of them into a haunted walkthrough. Then, for the second one that had a nice post apocalyptic NYC theme, they built Divertical right next to it, ruining the whole setting and theming!

They hit a home run with Katun in 2000 and I speed in 2009 (Katun is a huge B&M Inverted similar to Raptor, with the notable difference of a turn between the zero G roll and Cobra Roll. It also has theming and a tunnel. I Speed is an Intamin LSM coaster with a tight intense layout.). Sadly, in between that, they've just made a lot of bad decisions.

Re: Divertical At Mirabilandia-Testing Video by JetMech JetMech Profile at 5/7/12 9:14:37 PM
I don't get it.