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I'm in an "One new-to-me" Coaster Region

Overbanked Overbanked Profile

4/25/12 at
5:36:38 AM

There's alot of parks I've visited in the Southeastern/Mid Atlantic region, and many of the parks have a brand new coaster that I haven't ridden yet. Now me still being in the credit whore stage (LOL) find myself battling whether I should go to a park to ride only one coaster that I haven't ridden before. The only significant park that I haven't been to yet in the region is SFA. I definitely gotta get out there in the Northeast, Mid West, and the West more.

Here's the new coasters that I haven't rode yet at parks I've been to.

Manta at SWO (gotta go esp since it isn't far)
Intimidator (CaroCobra is only a comfy boomerang)
Intimidator 305
Verbolten (gotta go eventually)
Dare Devil Dive
Wild Eagle
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (not exactly a must do)

And the one in the Northeast.

Green Lantern (SFGAdv)

Anyone else that's in a "1 new to you" coaster region?

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Re: I'm in an "One new-to-me" Coaster Region by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 4/25/12 9:13:05 AM
Well, there's actually several coasters I haven't ridden right here in the oceanfront parks on Long Beach Island, Ocean City, Seaside, Keansburg, etc. In neighboring states, Dorney hasn't opened Stinger yet, so that doesn't count. Knoebels has two, Black Diamond and Kozmo's Kurves. I'm missing Roller Soaker at Hershey. Goliath at SFNE, which I don't think has opened yet. Four at Luna Park, but that will be rectified later this summer..I got a GREAT deal from Groupon. So it's more than ONE, as you asked, but I think that covers it.


Re: I'm in an "One new-to-me" Coaster Region by RobLec RobLec Profile at 4/25/12 9:54:17 AM
Anyone else that's in a "1 new to you" coaster region?

Cheetah Hunt at BGT, but we'll be fixing that this summer. Plus I guess we'll probably get in Wild Eagle maybe next year. BTW our "region" pretty much stretches from Sandusky to Tampa.

Re: I'm in an "One new-to-me" Coaster Region by drachen drachen Profile at 4/25/12 11:23:20 AM
Living in the Northeast, there are few coasters that I've missed, aside from the kiddie rides...

Most of the "One new to me" rides are also new to everyone else, like Skyrush, Flying Turns, Stinger, Verbolten etc.

The few that aren't of the parks that I've been to...
Blue side of American Eagle at SFGAm
Maverick at Cedar Point
Sky Rocket at Kennywood
Blue Streak at Conneaut Lake Park, since I missed out on it last year.
Like Mike said, there are lot of Jersey/MD shore coasters that I have yet to ride

All of the coasters mentioned above I should get to this summer, except the shore coasters.

Outside of my region, and are not new for 2012...
Tatsu & Apocalypse at Magic Mountain
Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens Tampa
American Thunder at SFStl
Patriot, Prowler, and the spinner at Worlds of Fun
Wicked at Lagoon
Pony Express at Knotts

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Re: I'm in an "One new-to-me" Coaster Region by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 4/25/12 4:14:28 PM
I got a couple of "two new to me's" out of my region.

Firehawk & Diamondback
Wicked Twister & Maverick

Re: I'm in an "One new-to-me" Coaster Region by frontrow frontrow Profile at 4/26/12 3:26:07 AM
Here is how I approach a coaster season. I make a priority list based on coasters that I haven't ridden. Through videos, rankings, and reviews I try to determine what are the best coasters out there that I have yet to ride. Here is how my current list looks.
1) Leviathan
2) Skyrush
3) Goliath (LaRonde)
4) X2, Goliath, Tatsu
5) X Flight
6) Wild Eagle
7) Griffon, Verbolten
1) Boardwalk Bullet
2) Prowler
3) American Thunder
4) Renegade
5) Tremors, Timber Terror
6) Comet (Great Escape)
7) Ghost Rider
I try to plan a trip where I can cross 2 or more off. I may stop at a park on the way to or the way home that doesn't have a coaster on my list. Usually finances determine how many I cross off in one year. Usually a trip will be planned with a coaster or 2 as the main goal. I try to get as many rides as possible on these coasters. Numbers are important to me, but having fun is more important. I may pass up several credits on mediocre coasters in order to get more rides on these featured coasters. To me it's all about quality instead of quantity. I really try to ride the best coasters in the country, multiple times, in multiple seats. This is what is enjoyable and fun for me.