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Wild Eagle


4/24/12 at
12:05:50 PM

I'm planning a trip to DollyWood This weekend to ride Wild Eagle. I have never been to this park. Was wondering if anyone out there can fill me in on any secrets like when the best time is to ride what ride. And where all the good food is inside and outside the park. What days are better then other days. Im going to be at the Park Sunday and Monday... Thought about going Friday and Saturday, but decided to Stop at Kings Island on my way down.... So how is Wild Eagle? Is it up and running? Has the park had any problems with it's operation? I don't want to drive all the way from Ohio only to have it closed or not running. What's the weather like down there... How should I dress for this time of the year? Is the park very busy?
Thank you in advance!

Re: Wild Eagle by RobLec RobLec Profile at 4/24/12 1:40:55 PM
First off, ALL the food at DW is good :)

Anyway, it never hurts to call a park before you hit the road. BTW KI is only open on Saturday this weekend (closed Sunday for a private event). The weather at DW is usually warmer than it is just a little further north. I think there is a 30% chance of rain in the midwest this weekend.

Hopefully you have good walking shoes. Everywhere you go at DW is uphill from wherever you are.

Re: Wild Eagle by CoasterFanatic CoasterFanatic Profile at 4/24/12 4:42:47 PM
The ride is open but somewhat new (Meaning their might be downtime). Dollywood has a Line cutting Q system. If its saturday or sunday, I would buy it. Monday should be fine.

Entering the park, To the left and up the hill are Wild Eagle, The Thundehead and Mystery Mine. All very good. Im told they looped this to hook with the middle trail of the park that has Tennessee Tornado and Fire in the Hole. This Middle of the park hill Also has a crafts mall of Blacksmiths and craft workers. A Church, A Wild Eagle habitat and the Grist Mill.

At the Far end of the park is the Steam Train. The bottom of the park and main path has the Raft Ride, Classic Car Ride and some moving seat virtual reality film (Not sure whats showing) also at the far end is a festival area with mostly carnival type rides. Im also told the log flume is very good but I haven't seen it myself as I've only visited in winter.

If your going two days, Consider the Season Pass, Its probably cheaper than two individual days and you could also use it during Dollywood Christmas. On my Weekday Visits during Christmas Celebration, I got dozens of rides on the coasters sometimes Me and a employee the only ones on the train.

The Shows are Broadway quality but pretty much either country or christian based.

The park is simply one of my favorites, It's eclectic that you'll see a lot of Sr. Citizens and its beautiful to walk through. They've come a long way in recent years to get the younger crowd but the guest list is still much older than say Six Flags.

Haven't ridden Wild Eagle but friend says its very good and fits the park perfectly.

Thunderhead, Excellent, perfect length and intensity, Not the biggest on thrills but solid.

Mystery Mine, Plant your Head for the first 30 seconds of the ride, there is a transfer track in that cave that for some reason shakes you when you go over it and rough on the head but the rest of the ride is excellent and one of my favorite steel coasters with the perfect giggle ending.

Tennessee Tornado. Excellent Arrow Looper and different than any you've been on.

Fire in the Hole or is it Blazing Fury? Fun powered Mack indoor coaster with a girl chasing a guy story line at least worth one ride.

The Train, Full Sized 2-8-2 Steam Loco takes you up two miles to the mountain top but travels the length of the park and over a couple bridges before starting it's climb. Don't miss it.

Grannys is a Buffett in the middle bottom of the park that serves turkey, ham, fried chicken, many Pies, Beans and country fair. I've ate it, It's good.

There is also a place directly across from the Grist Mill that is all BBQ and Chicken. My Brothers ate there and also says its very good.

The only other Place I've ate was a place in the bottom of the park that had those giant turkey wings. (SKIP IT)

Have fun. As Rob Lec said, It's hilly. of course on my visits during winter Id just go up the hill and ride Thunderhead 20 times and Mystery Mine a dozen and then go somewhere else and come back later to do it again without the ride this then that and go all over the park to hit everything deal.

Re: Wild Eagle by Cyclone_Phil Cyclone_Phil Profile at 4/24/12 7:07:27 PM
It's been 5+ years since I was last there, but you are saying I don't have to go from one end of the park, via the front, to get from Thunderhead to Tornado? If so, then that's great news. I definitely will head strait for Thunderhead and Eagle in the future.
Re: Wild Eagle by RobLec RobLec Profile at 4/24/12 8:15:55 PM
Cyclone_Phil said:

It's been 5+ years since I was last there, but you are saying I don't have to go from one end of the park, via the front, to get from Thunderhead

That was the idea anyway. We too were last there five years ago for the opening of Mystery Mine (but spent most of our time on Thunderhead ;) and at that time they were bulldozing the trees at the back of the park to create a "loop" so there wouldn't be so much congestion from foot traffic going up and down.