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Busch Gardens Tamp this Friday info

pyl-driver pyl-driver Profile

4/21/12 at
10:13:26 AM

I am going to BGT this Friday from Michigan for a short and I mean short vacation. I have never been there before and am pretty worried that I won't get it all in that short period of time. My goal this year is to visit both Busch Gardens parks w/ BGW later in the summer so that I can ride Verbolten when its broken in. I fly out very early in the morning and arrive about at 9:45am. I have to leave the next day at 2. I have a rental car and plan on going straight to park hopefully get there by 11am. I just want to be able to ride the big 5 meaning, Cheetah Hunt, SheiKra, Montu, Kumba, and Gwazi. This probably seems easy but the park closes at 6:00pm for some reason. Are the lines busy this month? or will I have no problem? The weather will be nice around 86 according to the yahoo weather. If it all works out I will be excited to compare the two parks later in the year. Thanks for any help. Timmy P

Re: Busch Gardens Tamp this Friday info by RobLec RobLec Profile at 4/21/12 10:47:21 AM
You probably won't have any problem getting your rides in. We haven't been there since they added Cheetah Hunt, but it used to be that early mornings the crowds would enter thru the Nairobi gate and head straight to Montu.

Nairobi is an overflow gate and will probably be closed by the time you arrive, so most folks will be entering thru the main gate and head off to the left to ride SheiKra, Kumba, and Gwazi. You want to go right and head to Montu. Most of the early morning crowds will have moved on by then. Chances are you will be able to get in several re-rdies on Montu later in the day.

From Montu you can either take the skyride to the back of the park for Kumba, or walk past Rhino Rally (if you're interested, it's a worthwhile attraction if you get a good driver). Pick up a fast pass for RR if there is a line.

Kumba and Sheikra are I think still the most popular rides in the park and most likely to have a line. The line for Sheikra usually moves fairly quickly and Kumba in my experience may or may not be running. Gwazi is a crap shoot as to which side may be running, if at all.

Over the past two decades we've had some exceptionally good days at BGT and also had exceptionally bad days. If one or more of the big rides is closed then the lines for the others can be unbearably long. Other times we've had multiple rides and left early, completely satisfied.

I think they have to close the park early so they can feed the animals and, you know, clean up as there are birds all over the park. DAK is the same way, if you've ever been or ever go there. We'll be at BGT later this summer... already bought our passes. Be prepared... it could be very hot and humid compared to up north. And be sure to wear sunscreen. The rays are most direct at this time of year.

Re: Busch Gardens Tamp this Friday info by MABrider MABrider Profile at 4/21/12 2:41:27 PM
I agree with Rob that "hanging a right" upon entry through the main gates will work.
But you may see more folks doing the same thing now that Cheetah Hunt is on the way to Montu. Never fear, Cheetah Hunt can load two trains at once and can move people really fast. And Montu when running two trains moves folks through nicely, too.
I bet neither of those two coasters will have lengthy waits next Friday.
Mike B.
Re: Busch Gardens Tamp this Friday info by pyl-driver pyl-driver Profile at 4/21/12 3:38:18 PM
Thanks a lot for the info. If I get one of those Quick Queue ticket things, can you still choose the front, or do they place you randomly anywhere? I already have my tickets, can you add a quick queue to them or are they a combo ticket? Also, if I get into a line right before the park closes will I get to ride. I always get into Dragster or Millenium Force at Cedar Point right before the park closes and they run the line out until its gone well after the park is closed.
Re: Busch Gardens Tamp this Friday info by Cyclone_Phil Cyclone_Phil Profile at 4/21/12 5:50:20 PM
Even though my last trip there this year was in late summer, my order of rides goes like this:
-Cheetah Hunt [try for 2 rides if you don't have to wait long]
-skyride [if that's not running, walk to the train stop near the park entrance] to the congo section of the park to get Kumba. Since it's far back in the park, you should be able to get several rides including front and back row seats till more people shows up. My record was 6 [without having to leave the station via rerides and asking the train ops to move to a different row]. Depending on how many rides you want to take is up to you. 6 or less would probably be good enough.
- Then walk over to ride Sheikra. Depends on the lines, if good: I could get 3-4 rides. But that's when both loading platforms are in use.
- Then walk down to Gwazi and hope both sides are running or at least settle for one. If just one, it means everyone is going to be taking that side and the wait will be even longer. I'm not a wood coaster fan, so I'd take just 1 ride as long as the wait isn't over 40min. But if both are running, the waiting shouldn't be too bad and you can get at least 1 ride of each.
-Finally the park should be a bit emptier at the front and you can get on Montu and hop on the rows b/w the front and back without too much of a wait.

After that it's up to you to decide where to go. Hope it helps.

Re: Busch Gardens Tamp this Friday info by pyl-driver pyl-driver Profile at 4/21/12 7:02:44 PM
thank you, great info.