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Roller Coaster Bucket List - Slideshow

KevinReid KevinReid Profile

4/11/12 at
12:21:30 PM

#1 Son Adam did a Coaster Bucket List for a College project. Take a peek. He got an "A" and on future audio/video project everybody wanted to be his partner. Moving away from Canada's Wonderland we don't get to ride very much anymore.

Add your own Coasterbucket list.

Kevin Reid

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Re: Roller Coaster Bucket List - Slideshow by RobLec RobLec Profile at 4/12/12 8:01:36 AM
Great list - thanks for sharing. He did a good job. And if he gets to ride all of those coasters he will have also seen much of the world as well.
Re: Roller Coaster Bucket List - Slideshow by LoneStar LoneStar Profile at 4/12/12 11:23:50 AM
Hey Kevin. I didn't know yall had moved. I always loved those Reid family reports. Glad your son did so well in his class.

- Pat-O

Re: Roller Coaster Bucket List - Slideshow by KevinReid KevinReid Profile at 4/12/12 11:43:47 AM
We moved to Canada's East Coast, PEI, in August 2006. Last coaster ride for me was 2009 at Las Vegas.

Kevin Reid

Re: Roller Coaster Bucket List - Slideshow by mugen828 mugen828 Profile at 4/12/12 12:00:37 PM
Nice list!

Cool to see some I have ridden on there. My list of coasters I want to ride would be:

- Tatsu
- Millennium Force
- Raptor
- X-Flight
- Wild Eagle
- Cheetah Hunt
- Xcellerator
- The Voyage
- Shiekra
- Maverick
- formula Rassa
- All of the other hypers I haven't ridden (Silver star, Behemoth, Goliath, ect.)

with those being in no order these last ones I want to ride the most:

- Leviathan
- Verbolten
- X2
- Expedition G Force

I am sure I am missing a ton of ones I want to ride, but these usually come to mind when I think of a "list".

Awesome your son got an A! I also hope you get to get back on a coaster soon!

- mugen828
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Re: Roller Coaster Bucket List - Slideshow by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 4/25/12 4:15:04 AM
Just from the top of my head.

Canyon Blaster
Leap the Dips
New Texas Giant

There are plenty of others that fall a little short of the very lofty status of 'bucketlist' for me, but still I definitely want to ride them; Although, I consider (just speculative) alot of them roughly a similar coaster experience that I already rode, like the hypers for instance, of course there are most likely a few coasters out there that are destined to pleasantly surprise me.

There are some Intl' coasters that are definitely bucketlist material, but I have yet to leave outside of the country (very close though, El Paso, and Sandusky LOL) so I'm just trying to conquer what is 'manageable' for me right now, and yes I'm aware that Galaxyland is in Canada. :)

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