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*My 5 words of fame* Asbury Park Press on - GAdv opening day

mugen828 mugen828 Profile

4/9/12 at
8:59:25 PM

"Great Adventure’s SkyScreamer, an extreme swing ride, will twirl its passengers upward to its 24-story pinnacle and spin them up to 40 miles per hour, said Paul Gould, director of sales and marketing for Six Flags Jackson-based parks.

“Originally, we were going to put in a 15-story (high) one,” said Gould. “(But) we had to put in a bigger one.”

Kyle Taggart, 23, of Deptford in Gloucester County, studied SkyScreamer’s red, yellow, orange and green tower, then declared: “I’m excited to ride it.”"

That's me! woo!! I brought this up in another thread but thought people might actually wanna read the article too. This reporter was following arounnd a park manager or executive, or whatever he was, and was talking to people who were admiring the new SkyScreamer. I jokingly bashed the park a few times because imo the park should be focusing on bettering the service just as much as implementing new rides. I also joked about getting any info I could on another coaster, but alas, he talked about the new water slide.

I said a bunch of things to the reporter, but apparently she only took 5 words from it haha. She also talked to my friend for like 5-10 minutes but didn't use any of what she took from him. She was very nice though, and she probly talked to 50 people at least that day.

I mentioned that they were going to originally build something smaller and said, " dude! this is great adventure! one of the larger Six Flags parks! you gotta represent!" That's where this little piece really started off haha.

Like I said in the other thread though, (Jen) was right, the manager did confirm the bumper cars will be in the wide open conrete area behind and to the left of the ferris wheel (as viewed from the front of it), the elephant ride is apprently going under and to the right of the StarScreamer, and the music themed scrambleresque ride will be where Choas was.

I asked the guy if he remembered chaos and he said he didn't get to ride it, he came in the year after it was removed....dude's lucky....I almost flipped out because of how much I loved chaos! haha. I think I scared em off after my facial expressions from that bit of our conversation.

He also said the new slide will be where the volley ball courts are located, and that all the rides (not sure about the slide) will be opening the 25th of May or the week after.

- mugen828
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Re: *My 5 words of fame* Asbury Park Press on - GAdv opening day by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 4/10/12 4:09:17 AM
I'm glad that you made the cut for the article Mugen. That's a pretty interesting, but yet accurate choice of words concerning you 'studying' Sky Screamer; I guess when it comes to park attractions that that will open in the near future, us enthusiasts just don't look at that them we thoroughly 'study' em. :)
Re: *My 5 words of fame* Asbury Park Press on - GAdv opening day by GoYanks34 GoYanks34 Profile at 4/10/12 10:28:48 PM
That's awesome! Can I have your autograph? 8-)