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SFGrAdv help for young coaster rider


4/5/12 at
8:28:31 PM

This is a bit late but I'm hoping someone may have some info...
We are going to SFGrAdv for the first time tomorrow. Our tall- 50" six year old is very excited. I'm wondering in what order I ought to take him on the coasters he can do starting from mild and building up.

For reference- he loves The Tickler, and tall swing ride at Luna Park (he also rode a ride just like the ElectroSpin but didn't like how it squished him- liked the thrill aspect though), and The Jack Rabbit at SeaBreeze (If anyone knows that). He's ridden the sling shot but now says it's too high.

And- how crowded is likely to be on the 2nd day open with cool weather?


Re: SFGrAdv help for young coaster rider by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 4/5/12 10:43:03 PM
I'm not sure concerning the crowds on SFGAdv's
second day; Someone should chime in on that soon.

There are five family/junior style coasters at SFGAvd. Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train, Runaway Mine Train, Skull Mountain(an enclosed coaster), Dark Knight(an enclosed wild mouse), and Road Runner Railway(a small junior coaster). There are plenty of family style flatrides/water rides there too.

On this link below, the left-side 'Show only rides for people this tall' box, scroll to the 50" height, and you'll see all of the rides in the park that he can ride; Of course stay clear of the five or so rides with the red "MAX" rating.

Re: SFGrAdv help for young coaster rider by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 4/6/12 7:48:47 PM
Overbanked said:

There are plenty of family style flatrides/water rides there too.

Chris, where you livin'? :)

GAdv has very few family flats, although the soon-to-be-installed bumper cars and Scrambler may be a step in the right direction. And the water rides won't be open today, as that's when the OP planned on possibly going. And they only have two...


Re: SFGrAdv help for young coaster rider by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 4/6/12 11:01:30 PM
^^^I was taking a 50" 6 year old into consideration, with all of those kiddie flats. I totally agree with you about SFGAvd being very short on adult flats, I think I rode only about four flats when I was there.
Re: SFGrAdv help for young coaster rider by frontrow frontrow Profile at 4/7/12 11:58:53 AM
My 6 year old son is 51 inches and he is a coaster enthusiast. He enjoys flat rides, but loves the coasters. We attended SF Great Adventure last year when he was 49 inches and he was too short for most of the coasters. Here are a list of parks that have an abundance of coasters for your son' s height. Hershey, Cedar Point, Kings Dominion, Kings Island, and Kennywood. Smaller parks like Knoebles, Lakemont, Lake Compounce, Holiday World, Indiana Beach, and Waldameer are all good choices for kids that are taller than 48 inches, but shorter than 54 inches. I tried to name the parks in east so you can use that information in the future. On the flip side here are some parks that have a limited selection of coasters for kids of that height; SF Great Adventure, Busch Gardens, Dorney Park, SF America, and SF New England. This is something I must take into consideration every time I plan a coaster trip. My other 2 kids are taller than 54 inches. If my wife goes with us, this isn't an issue. If she doesn't and I take the kids myself, that height limit on coasters come into play.