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Anyone been to Legoland Florida?


4/4/12 at
2:09:08 PM

I'm just interested in the whole Legoland Florida (LLF) Cypress Gardens thing.

I loved Cypress Gardens.

I love Legoland Windsor. (OK hated Windsor's Jungle Coaster that is now in situ at LLF after a refurb)but that's just me.

There were many posters in Google Land saying negative things about Merlin's new park prior to opening: "Won't stay open.." Won't last long.." etc. etc.

URCers...I'm asking your expert opinion..Will it survive?

Personally I hope so and I honestly think so.

There's a water park and a hotel in the pipeline..

It can't fail.

Can it??

Below: The Camera in the Sky: Cypress Gardens 1991

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Re: Anyone been to Legoland Florida? by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 4/5/12 12:09:59 AM
I'm willing to bet it will absolutely survive. Cypress Gardens in its last incarnation likely would've survived if the insurance companies had honored and properly paid the claims for the hurricane damage. Kent Buescher reported stronger than expected numbers (exceeded his business plan) after he reopened the park.
Re: Anyone been to Legoland Florida? by parkbookman parkbookman Profile at 4/9/12 5:05:12 PM
There was an article on another news site last week that mentioned the park attracted 600,000 people in its first six months of operation even without a summer under its belt. This would put them close to their very successful California (1.65 million in 2007) and Windsor (1.9 million in 2010) parks. I too saw the pessimistic projections, but I think a lot of those observers don't realize that this is a different type of product than the other Central Florida parks. They don't have the huge, elaborate, expensive, attractions, but instead rely on attractions with a great deal of interactivity. 16 of their 33 attractions require the users to do something.

When I went in November one thing I noticed was the number of six to ten year old boys who were as excited to be there as six to ten year old girls are to do the princess stuff at Magic Kingdom (and I will say a number of dads were following close behind). So the family with the kid who thinks Legos are the coolest thing in the world will make time to go there while on their Orlando vacation, just like those who will spend $200 for a princess make over at the Bibbidi Bobbidi boutique.

In addition, they price their annual passes very aggressively. If you plan to visit more than once, it makes sense to buy the pass and with the interactive attractions, its a great place to go with smaller kids. With over 4 million people in central Florida there are plenty of them.

I also agree with the previous poster that Buescher's Cypress Gardens concept would have worked. He put together a package of rides and concerts that was drawing people. The numbers were strong. But the insurance dispute drove him into bankruptcy.

In the end, Merlin's a smart operator and probably studied this thing pretty closely. So I for one am optimistic. I should also note that even at 48 years old, I am still a huge Lego fan and have been fortunate enough to also go to the California and Windsor parks, along with the Chicago Discovery Center (so I might be a bit biased).