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Brakes on Revolution?

LoneStar LoneStar Profile

3/31/12 at
9:38:57 PM

I just watched a pov video of Revolution at SFMM. Not sure of the date, but post-Tatsu.

Have the trim brakes been tightened significantly in the past few years? The trims before the loop brought the train to a standstill, and before passing through the loop, there were strong brakes on that straight part of track. Are these tighter than usual?

I have Revolution as my #1 steel coaster. But I haven't ridden it since 2004. I don't remember the brakes being that tight. I will cry of SFMM has once again weakened such an awesome, thrilling, classic coaster. First the OTSRs, and now tighter brakes?

Please tell me I just have a bad memory and that the brakes were always as strong as they are now, and the coaster is still amazing. Please!

- Pat-O

Re: Brakes on Revolution? by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 4/1/12 1:46:57 AM
The last year that Revolution should have made any "Top 10" list was 1992. From the following year the coaster has sucked due to the modified restraints. The brakes have been more of an issue in the past 10 years, but I have never seen any brakes on the straight descent leading into the vertical loop. There are brakes at top just before you begin the descent.
Re: Brakes on Revolution? by LoneStar LoneStar Profile at 4/1/12 10:10:26 PM
I didn't write that clearly. On the video, in addition to the stand-still brakes before the vertical loop there were also brakes before the straight section of track that "threads the needle" and passes through the vertical loop.

- Pat-O