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Orlando Thrill Park

rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile

3/23/12 at
10:00:06 PM

Okay so I just stumbled upon an article that talks about the possibility of a new theme park opening up across from Universal in Orlando. I don't know what to think about it yet since the land hasn't been bought yet but who knows.

Re: Orlando Thrill Park by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 3/24/12 6:45:54 AM
The date on that article, you might notice, is December 2010. It was discussed here before. Last I read, the project is dead.


Re: Orlando Thrill Park by rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile at 3/24/12 12:26:02 PM
Yeah I know that now. I started looking stuff up about it and eventually realized it was posted awhile ago. I just wasn't paying attention at first. Sorry about that.
Re: Orlando Thrill Park by pyl-driver pyl-driver Profile at 3/24/12 1:39:49 PM
That article is sadly very old, and project has been canceled. Just wishful thinking now.