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Girl injured on carnival ride

LoneStar LoneStar Profile

3/16/12 at
3:14:15 PM

A 3-year old was throwned from a ride at the Houston rodeo. She is very lucky to be all right. Thank goodness.

The debates will begin over who's at fault and how to revent this in the future.

Many will claim carnivals need more regulation. Others will ask how a parent could let a 3-year-old on a ride without an adult. We really can't say much unless we hear all the details.

- Pat-O

Re: Girl injured on carnival ride by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 3/16/12 4:19:34 PM
What type of ride?
Re: Girl injured on carnival ride by Katie Katie Profile at 3/16/12 4:20:09 PM
Here is the video that Yahoo! news posted from GMA this morning:

How is a 3 year old 48 inches tall? There is no way that a toddler can be that tall at 3 years old. It just doesn't make sense. From this story, the parent or someone of much bigger stature (teenager/young adult or parent) should have been riding with her on a ride that is constantly "bucking" through the ride.

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