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TR: IRTRA part 2 - Xocomil

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3/12/12 at
11:57:27 PM

OK, I know this is not a water park MB, and we don't talk much about water parks at all here...but I've got to tell you about Xocomil!

Xocomil is the water park at the IRTRA resort in Guatemala. Other than Schlitterbahn, it is the best water park I have been anywhere in the world. Where to begin...

Like most things at IRTRA, the theming is unbelievable. Xocomil is themed after the Maya civilization. Every tower supporting slides is themed after a Mayan temple. (Even the metal support beams are painted to look like wood). Every detail is painted, every nook and cranny of the park is themed. And the kiddie areas are awesome too!

The lazy river is one of the best around. Mayan temples and gods and jade masks shoot water at you. Rock formations and trees cover the river. The current is swift. You gotta see it.

There's tons of trees for natural shading. Tropical plants are every where. There's mangroves, and rope bridges, and's just all around pretty dang awesome.

And the rides...

Xocomil has the perfect collection of diverse rides. The slides are fast, the tube chutes are fast, and the racing mat-slide is the tallest, fastest I've ever seen with AMAZING AIR TIME!!!

Plus, the ride ops are much more lenient than in the USA.

Xocomil is the perfect size. It's big enough to have tons of different slides, but you don't get tired walking all over the place. Carlos and i enjoyed about 5 hours or so, and we could have spent 5 more if we didn't have to leave.

Sorry I don't have pics, but look for it online. Xocomil won the 2008 publishers pick Golden Ticket and it fully deserves it!