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Windseeker to open on time?!?!


3/6/12 at
9:04:14 PM

According to this article (thanks for the link, Mike G.)

Seems so odd that nowadays, KD is managing to open their attractions with the park opening day while Busch Gardens is holding off until Memorial Day (or later in the case of Mach Tower.) 15 years ago with FOF, Volcano, and Hypersonic vs Alpengeist and Apollo, it was the other way around.



Kings Dominion's new attractions on schedule

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Re: Windseeker to open on time?!?! by Cyclone_Phil Cyclone_Phil Profile at 3/6/12 10:52:54 PM
That or having CF as the parent company with park experience over some entertainment company just trying to one up Time Warner and Six Flags making a major difference. :)

But while I'm happy things are 'stable' with the BG/SW parks after Inbev sold off the parks division, I worry about the way the parks are being runned now.