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Your favorite amusement park memory

frontrow frontrow Profile

1/11/12 at
11:35:25 PM

I've been wanting to post this thread for some time. I've been wanting to read your stories. The problem I had is that I couldn't decided what was my favorite memory. Of coarse my first coaster ride, my kid's first coaster ride, and other great memories had me conflict. After consideration of all the fantastic memories I have determined my favorite.
It was the first week of June in 2000. My brother and I were headed out to Cedar Point in early afternoon with Millennium Force as our goal. My brother found a coupon that granted a free starlight admission with a purchase of another starlight admission. I then increased the vehicle's speed by 15 mph. We arrived at the park around 6:00 pm. We headed strait for MF. The line was 3 hours, but being that this wad our primary goal we decided to wait. We were mesmerized by the coaster's height, speed, and innovation. Around 9:45 pm we finally boarded in the dark, after tormenting anticipation. The ride was by far the most extreme, amazing, fulfilling, and unique experience. Of coarse the next morning we ran with the bulls and rode it again, but we knew what to expect, so the element of surprise was gone, but still and amazing experience.
Now my explanation why this my favorite memory. Up to that point in my life I loved coasters, but was just simply a hobby. After that first ride on MF my hobby became an obsession. I was determined to find a coaster better than MF or at least one just as good. I started traveling further and further to pursue this goal. In recent years a few have been built that I like better, but MF inspired me to get out there and explore the US coaster world. If it wasn't for that first ride, I probably wouldn't have the passion I have today.
Thanks for reading, can't wait to hear your stories.

Re: Your favorite amusement park memory by RobLec RobLec Profile at 1/12/12 12:45:39 AM

Our first visit to WDW when the kids were very young. The park was open til midnight but most of the crowds left at ten after the fireworks. We spent the next two hours running from ride to ride getting walk-on rides, which must have been 8-10 rides in less than two hours.

Re: Your favorite amusement park memory by gad198 gad198 Profile at 1/12/12 9:58:50 AM

Mine is the first day that Son of Beast opened.

There was something about the years worth of anticipation, the 75 degree weather, the super long line of cars waiting to get into the park before the parking lot even opened and the ride finally opening after hours and (and prior to that, days) of delays that made that day special. I think the moment I'll most take from that day is being in the station when that first public train went through the loop. Listening to the roars from everyone in the station remains the all-time coolest memory I have inside a park.

Re: Your favorite amusement park memory by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 1/12/12 11:04:56 AM

It's all a blur....

I'll share one that jumps to mind. GAdv's Roaring Rapids raft ride. Me, my girlfriend, some guys from high school with their dates, about ten of us. My buddy Don (his sister, Peggy, was my girlfriend) had never been on that type of ride before, and he didn't like getting wet or being around water in general..didn't know how to swim. When I'd been on the ride before, I hadn't gotten particularly wet. I talked Don into going on, aided and abetted by two other friends, Mike and Kevin. Of course, Don ended up right under the waterfall and was soaked to the skin, more so than any of the rest of us. He points, in turn, at me, Mike, and Kevin and says "You, you, and you are all going to die."

It was a quiet trip back to Hoboken, but Peggy thought this was the funniest thing she'd ever seen...even funnier than the previous weekend, seeing me on roller skates for the first...and still only..time in my life.


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Re: Your favorite amusement park memory by Katie Katie Profile at 1/12/12 11:50:28 AM

My first ride on Voyage. It was so crazy and then we finally hit the brake run and was like "BREATHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The craziest time ever.

Getting my first ride on Vortex and missing the Steel Phantom. Brings back lots of memories!

Getting proposed to in the station of Voyage. My husband enlisted the help of Paula and it was amazing!

Re: Your favorite amusement park memory by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 1/12/12 12:21:19 PM

I've shared this story before, but I'll give the Readers Digest condensed version for those who may not have been on the site when I shared it before.

My first night ride on El Toro. I was by myself, and found myself seated next to a very large, heavily muscled, jewelry-laden African-American gentleman..much bigger than me, very tough-looking. He asked me about the ride and what to expect. This was the first day I ever rode Toro, and this would be my third ride. I remember telling him to hang onto his chains, because he might lose them. He just said, "Seriously?" I said, "Trust me on this one."

A third of the way down the first drop, this fellow grabs my right arm in a death grip, and does not let go until we're in the station. He was suitably embarrassed, but the funniest thing was that he didn't even seem to realize he had done this! I shook off his apologies as unnecessary.

Got some good memories of meeting and riding with some folks from this site, too.


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Re: Your favorite amusement park memory by Streaker Streaker Profile at 1/12/12 5:05:52 PM

4th of July several years back was a special coaster day for me. I was on a 5 park trip to the east coast. I started the day (July 4th) at Six Flags New England with some great rides on (then named) Superman Ride of Steel and the parks other coasters. The surprse to me was that I was able to get multiple rides on everything and had cover the entire park by early afternoon. So I altered my plans and headed to Lake Compunce. Arriving at LC a couple of hours before susnt gave me plenty time to enjoy the entire parka and rack up some incredible rides on BoulderDash. The most memorable part was the last hour the park was opened I marathoned on BD in the dark. The icing on the cake was speeding along the track in the forested darkness and seeing the fireworks exploding overhead to momentariy illuminate the forest. That entire day was one of my most memorable park days ever.

Re: Your favorite amusement park memory by gvlaker27 gvlaker27 Profile at 1/12/12 7:54:36 PM

While I wasn't entirely into coasters at the time of this memory, I can credit remembering it so well to my being an adrenaline junky.

My first trip to Kings Island on a family reunion when I was maybe 10 years old: Vortex was the then tallest coaster at the park (just over the Beast, right?). I remember seeing the insane structure of Vortex, and not being able to make sense of all the track in that single area. I was then shocked when my 70 year old grandad hopped in line with me and experienced my maiden voyage on one of my favorite coasters. It truly was inspiring.

The same trip, knowing very little about coasters, I was presented with the Beast for the first time. I remember how incredible the first half of the ride was, and then expecting it to be done, was thrilled that there was still another lift hill!

Re: Your favorite amusement park memory by frontrow frontrow Profile at 1/12/12 9:00:17 PM

Great stories guys, keep posting. I'll tell my runner up story.

It was May of 1992. I visited our local carnival after my baseball game. While I was just hanging out and enjoying the rides, something caught my eye. It was the most beautiful girl I ever encountered. I introduced myself and started to put the moves on. The end result was the exchanging of phone numbers, after a very exciting night at that carnival. We kept in touch, through the phone, but it seemed that we were only going to be friends. I was 16 and she was 14, it didn't seem like it would amount to anything. After nearly all hope was lost she invited me to attend her Community Picnic at Kennywood. Of coarse I accepted her invitation.

I met her at the park, before the rides were open. We spent the day riding coasters and flat rides. I can still remember what she was wearing. We had a wonderful time, just like 2 friends would, while they were sharing a common interest. By the end of night, we had an opportunity to ride The Jack Rabbit, which was her favorite and my favorite, one more time. As the coaster left the station it plummeted down the first drop, turned in tunnel, and dropped into the second drop. As we hit the lift hill, A spark of courage hit me. I leaned over and kissed her. When the coaster hit the breaks in the station I didn't know what the outcome would be.

The next day, when I called her on the phone, it wasn't 2 friends talking. We had become boyfriend and girlfriend. We stayed together for 3 years. We went to 3 proms and visited Kennywood for our prom picnic every time and had great times. Of coarse when I left for college we drifted apart, but I had 3 years of fantastic memories.

She recently contacted me on facebook. She saw all the photos of the different amusement parks. She told me, it made her think of all the great times we had at Kennywood, and to make new memories with my kids. It was really nice that she valued those memories as much as I did, after all these years. It was a great time in life that I got spend with a special person. I'm so grateful that life has worked out the way it has. Now me and my kids are making the memories.

Re: Your favorite amusement park memory by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 1/13/12 7:16:04 AM

Cool story, Ken! That's a great story. Thanks for sharing it.

Re: Your favorite amusement park memory by Coaster316 at 1/13/12 1:02:12 PM

One of my favorite park memories just happened a few weeks ago. I was at Epcot with my parents, brother and sister-in-law, and two nieces.

It was late in the evening, the park was nearly empty, and everyone in my group except my Mom were playing with those shooting fountains over by Journey Into Imagination. You know, where you slap the water toward someone to get them wet, or hold them in the way of the shooting water. We were all laughing and having a good time and I thought to myself, "this is exactly what my brother, father and I did when I was a kid ". It was so cool to be reliving it with my sister-in-law and young nieces, who were really laughing and enjoying it.

I looked around for my Mom to see if she remembered us doing this all those years ago. When I saw her I noticed she was watching with tears in her eyes. She remembered.


Re: Your favorite amusement park memory by RobLec RobLec Profile at 1/13/12 5:14:26 PM

> all laughing and having a good time and I thought to
> myself, "this is exactly what my brother, father and I
> did when I was a kid "... When I saw her I noticed
> she was watching with tears in her eyes. She remembered.

Nice story, very touching. Family - that's what it's all about.

Re: Your favorite amusement park memory by Great_Ump Great_Ump Profile at 1/14/12 9:20:10 AM

Holiwood Nights 2010

I've been to many enthusiast events, television shootings, ERTs, Media Days, etc. This was my second time to that tiny little park in Santa Claus but my first HWN.

Best event I've ever been to hands down. The park did so much for the group that they didn't have to do and were wonderful hosts. I made several new friends who I am still in contact with today. Oh, and there was all sorts of campiness too!



Re: Your favorite amusement park memory by Katie Katie Profile at 1/14/12 10:15:44 AM

It's #fruitypebblesforever Joe!! Get it right! ;-)