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Planning a Coaster Holiday


1/4/12 at
1:18:08 AM

Hi All,
I am planing on a coaster holiday in April,
I will be comming over from Australia so I will want to try and fit in as many of the most thrilling rides that I can.
Not realy sure where to start beyond the obvious big names,
Could anyone give me some idea's on the best way to plan this holiday and which coasters I must not miss.

Many Thanks in advance


Re: Planning a Coaster Holiday by depotrat at 1/4/12 3:05:24 PM

The folks on this site can certainly help you but the US is very large. What area are you planning on visiting? Are you driving or flying between parks? How much time do you have for this trip? will be a great tool to help you plan.

Re: Planning a Coaster Holiday by DownUnderCoaster at 1/5/12 6:24:05 PM


We are planning on flying into Los Angeles, stopping at Vegas working our way to Florida then New York (flying) we would then fly home from New York

We have given ourselves 1 month, if we can work out a way to make the money last that long

We are locked into the month of April (by work commmitments)

If you can advise on what might be must see's and what would be time wasters that would be great.

I really want to fit in some of the woodies as well

Many Thanks


Re: Planning a Coaster Holiday by frontrow frontrow Profile at 1/5/12 7:01:52 PM

Here's the problem you're going to have. Most theme parks are only open on weekends in April. In fact some parks will not have an opening date until May. Now there are parks that stay open all year round, like in areas of southern California, Las Vegas, and Florida. Southern states like Texas and Georgia will probably be open daily in April. I can do some research for you and try to find opening dates for my favorite parks. Give me a day or two.