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If You Used A Credit Card At Kennywood...

beastmaster beastmaster Profile

12/29/11 at
9:36:21 AM

...or any of several other Palace-owned parks, you might be eligible for a free ticket. I investigated it, since I attended Kennywood, Idlewild, and Compounce during the specified time period. But the e-mail I got from the former two parks didn't mention the suit or the credit card aspect..they provided a link. I'll use credit cards for motel rooms/meals near a park, but in the park? Rarely, save for a season pass or the occasional t-shirt if I'm low on cash.

Here's an article about the suit and settlement from WPXI Pittsburgh. Hope you saved your receipts.


Re: If You Used A Credit Card At Kennywood... by frontrow frontrow Profile at 12/30/11 10:25:38 PM

I checked the link too late. I can't find the information. I used my debit card at Kennywood and Lake Compounce last season. Nothing surprises me with the Kennywood Entertainment Company. When visiting Kennywood this summer, I couldn't get through the metal detectors after I emptied all my pockets. The Kennywood Police ordered me to take off my belt, after I told them that would result in my shorts falling down. They proceeded with a very rude attitude. After the embarrassment I complained to management. I stated that I have visited over 40 different parks and I never was more insulted. They found the situation humorous and didn't even apologize. So nothing Kennywood does or doesn't do will surprise me.