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What's the deal with RingºRacer?


12/26/11 at
6:33:15 PM

So, this roller coaster is supposed to be the second fastest in the world, and with possibly the most intense launch of any coaster, being 0-135mph in 2.5secs. Ok cool. It's scheduled to open in 2012 according to RCDB, but why are there pictures with people already on it?

And why are ther YouTube videos of it going, with people on the ride, saying it's supposed to open in 2009?

Is there just a mistake on RCDB and it should say "operating" instead of "under construction", or is something seriously weird going on?

Re: What's the deal with RingºRacer? by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 12/26/11 7:34:33 PM

They are still testing Ring Racer according to wiki, so UC is the correct status for it.