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Merry Christmas Everyone!

GoYanks34 GoYanks34 Profile

12/25/11 at
10:57:25 AM

Hope everyone has a GREAT holiday and Santa brings you everything you asked for! I asked for a Dive coaster with a wicked launch so we'll see if it's under Mom's tree! :~)


Re: Merry Christmas Everyone! by CoasterFanatic CoasterFanatic Profile at 12/25/11 12:35:16 PM

Thanks Jen. Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates Jesus.

Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate.

To all others. Have a blessed day!

Re: Merry Christmas Everyone! by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 12/25/11 6:10:15 PM

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of URC! :)

Re: Merry Christmas Everyone! by chitlins73 chitlins73 Profile at 12/25/11 8:14:41 PM

Merry Christmas Jen.My wish is for Son of Beast to re-open up for next season!!

Re: Merry Christmas Everyone! by alpengeistno3 at 12/25/11 11:46:11 PM

Merry Christmas to all out in URC land, especially Jen for starting the thread.

Ride On!!