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PitFall Replacement Announced By Kennywood

beastmaster beastmaster Profile

12/15/11 at
7:44:59 PM

Good fit for the park, mainly due to higher capacity than PitFall. But it really doesn't surprise me..I figured it had to be this type of pendulum ride.

Cool name, IMO, although what it has to do with the ride, ya got me.


Re: PitFall Replacement Announced By Kennywood by frontrow frontrow Profile at 12/15/11 10:38:10 PM

I saw this on screamscape the other day. I've been looking for further confirmation. Kennywood is our home park and I'm excited about this installment. This is the flat ride Kennywood needed. I'll will miss The Pit Fall, but I feel this is an improvement. I'll make it a point to visit and ride The Black Widow next season.

Re: PitFall Replacement Announced By Kennywood by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 12/16/11 7:26:10 AM

Great new flatride for Kennywood!
The Zamperla Giant Discovery is even taller than the Huss Giant Frisbees.

Giant Frisbee stationary height 85ft; Full swing height 138ft

Giant Discovery stationary height 90ft; Full swing height 146ft

Re: PitFall Replacement Announced By Kennywood by Judy_P_in_Pgh Judy_P_in_Pgh Profile at 12/17/11 1:06:38 AM

Max!!! You've come home to me!

(Note to self ... need to renew that season pass I was iffy about.)

Oh, the JOY ... T-bolt, Max, Wave Swinger, Swing Shot, Bayern Kurve, a flume, an Enterprise, Aero 360, a carousel with the greatest organ ever and Potato Patch fries, ALL IN ONE FREAKIN' PARK.

Merry Christmas, Judy!!

(As added bait, there's a Long John Silver's right across the street from the FREE parking.)

P.S. Santa, could you please remove the brake run before the next-to-the-last drop on the Thunderbolt? I'm sure YOU remember I used to work there and so loved those brake-free morning rides before the park opened.