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A Mini Resurgence in Wooden Wild Mice

Overbanked Overbanked Profile

11/10/11 at
7:40:53 PM

From 95' to 09' there have been four wooden wild mice built, with the latest being a park in Indonesia. I know that's not alot of coasters, but I'm glad to coaster type isn't totally extinct(like the Virginia Reel unfortunately is). For some reason, Indonesia, and Australia (two Indo, two Aust) are leading the charge concerning wild mouse woodies, and without say the longtime 'Wild Mouse' at Pleasure Beach Blackpool in the UK is holding it down; All of them being the only five operating Wild Mice woodies. We should have atleast a couple of of them, esp a major country like the U.S. with none in operation. If we have so many regular woodies, Why not have a few wild mouse woodies? I get that alot of yall don't like wild mice; A different coaster type wouldn't hurt. Now, if only the Flying Turns in PA will open; Talk about pulling teeth, and giving an arm & leg. Just my 2.

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