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The future of Indiana Beach


11/7/11 at
7:23:50 PM

It seems like Indiana Beach is spiraling downwards faster and faster. From other people's trip reports, it sounds like the rides have terrible capacity, the staff is not cooperative or efficient, rides are down and don't get repaired for weeks, and it's just altogether a POS. To top it off, they closed the park 3-4 weeks before the scheduled closing date and now they've laid off most of the maintenance staff and two of the leading directors of operations. Supposedly the only two who were trying to change things for the better. It seems like the owner of this park needs to sell it!
I would reccomend a complete boycot of this park, but it sounds like power to the park has been shut off anyway, and they're not working on trying to get it ready for next season. WTF??
The next thing I can see happening is the park getting rid of the rides in order to save some money. It sounds like the owner of this park is an idiot who doesnt want to invest money and just wants to make money out of nothing. I think there is already a protest page, but something big needs to happen to save this potentially fun park from going down the drain.

I have never been there myself but ive always wanted to ride cannonball express, housier hurricane, steel hawg, and some of the other stuff they have, but it doesn't sound promising.

Ps I appologize for any typos or run-on sentences.. I'm typing this from my phone. Other people's thoughts...?

Re: The future of Indiana Beach by frontrow frontrow Profile at 11/7/11 7:33:07 PM

I was literary typing the same thing as you were typing your thread. What's the chances of that?

Re: The future of Indiana Beach by Tomes at 11/7/11 11:05:42 PM

Wow! That is strange! Lol.
I guess I can take mine down then... Since mine is more of a rant, and urs is more factual. But either way, that's sad that the park's owner has made so many bad decisions. The ONLY good thing I could see come out of this, if the park does close, will some of the surrounding parks buy the rides??
Steel Hawg to SFStl? Cornball Express to Holiday World? One of the other rides to SFGam? That will just save my friends and I a trip... But that's me being selfish. I'd like to see the park being turned over and starting fresh with new ownership/management

Re: The future of Indiana Beach by frontrow frontrow Profile at 11/8/11 12:10:19 AM

The thing I liked about Indiana Beach was the setting. It has that classic amusement park, boardwalk atmosphere. It's a small park, but it has a lot of rides and 6 coasters crammed in it. IB is place that needs some restoration. With the right management IB could really flourish.