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Have you ridden a Maurer Sohne SkyLoop Coaster?

Overbanked Overbanked Profile

10/24/11 at
2:25:04 AM

I haven't ridden a Maurer Sohne SkyLoop coaster before. I'm just curious about your ride experience concerning that coaster type. There's only one in the US, X Coaster in Magic Springs (Hot Springs, AR) I've seen a youtube POV of another SkyLoop coaster (Skywheel in Germany) and it looked kinda boring, but of course you can't judge a coasters' ride experience by looking at a youtube clip. So what do ya think about Maurer Sohne SkyLoop coasters?

Re: Have you ridden a Maurer Sohne SkyLoop Coaster? by mugen828 mugen828 Profile at 10/24/11 3:17:11 AM

I haven't ridden one either. Rides like that don't look like they would be the greatest, but they do seem somewhat fun.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is building a new superman coaster with the oh so original name, Superman The Ultimate Flight. This one differs in that it has a launch. Although it doesn't state that on rcdb I believe it does state it on six flags website. You can also tell from the track, since it has no lift chain/cable.

Also when I went to look that up on RCDB I saw a coaster that also looks like the one you mentioned. It's called Stingray, and it's in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.

They are all interesting coasters. I haven't ridden anything like them but I think I might prefer the traditional type of coaster better. Who knows though.

- mugen