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Florida Trip Suggestions?

chuckk chuckk Profile

10/14/11 at
8:15:39 PM

Just finished booking a trip for myself and my 12yr old son. Leaving on Sun 10/30 and returning on Fri 11/4. So we have Mon-Thurs for our adventure. We have unlimited access to Univ/IOA, Sea World, Wet & Wild, and Busch Gardens. So i figure:

Mon: Univ/IOA
Tues: BG
Wed: SW/W&W
Thurs: go back to whatever we want

We have been to disney twice in the last 6 yrs, but i have not been to Univ/IOA in 15 yrs, and have never been to SW,BG, or WW.

Anyone have some do's/dont's?

Re: Florida Trip Suggestions? by depotrat at 10/15/11 11:24:47 PM

Start your Universal day at IOA and Harry Potter if interested in HP at all. Later in the day it will be very crowded. Once in HP do the wand selection show first thing. That line gets massive later in the day as only 30 or so folks can see each show. After that go to the HP ride in the castle. Additional rides on that ride can be done thru the single rider line.

Re: Florida Trip Suggestions? by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 10/16/11 4:24:09 PM

Islands of Adventure is going to be very slow overall on Monday, October 31. From my experience the crowd, if really any for Harry Potter, will be present early in the day, but disappear almost entirely in the mid-to-late afternoon. I've witnessed this same pattern on much busier days in late-May.

Ollivanders Wand Shop is a so-so experience. Unless you're a huge Harry Potter fan I would personally skip it. There really is no magic to the show. Unless you have early entry by staying at one of the Universal Resorts you can expect to wait 30 minutes to an hour on even a slow day. It's a waste of your time since you're only spending one-day at Universal.

Beware of Wet 'n' Wild, but I guess it doesn't matter since admission is included on your ticket. During the off-season they will selectively close attractions, especially on the weekdays. You can find a list of operating attractions at the ticket window and I would pay attention to it. An alternative to Wet 'n' Wild would be Aquatica if it is included, but don't expect any really unique rides. The park is very nice, but most of the attractions are right out of the manufacturer's catalog.

Re: Florida Trip Suggestions? by Cyclone_Phil Cyclone_Phil Profile at 10/17/11 2:46:27 AM

Question: does your son like the 'mega' coasters? Ie: not afraid to go on them.

For BGT, [recommend looking at a park map when reading this] I would start the day with Cheetah Hunt and try to get at least 2 rides. Afterwards [if opened] take the skyride [alternative would be to take the train or walking] towards the Congo area to Kumba and get a few rides there. After that, walk towards the STanleyville area for Sheikra.

At that point, it depends what you prefer to do: either walking back to the Timbuktu area for the rides or walking to the Gwazi coaster*

*The signs at Stanleyville aren't quite 'direct' and I did get lost a bit: if at Sheikra's entrance/exit, walk 'north' past the loop with the cameras and you should see some stairs, that should lead you towards the sesame street area and then you have to continue past that area and look for signs that points you to Gwazi.

After Gwazi i would walk to Egypt for Montu. After that I would reride other coasters or just take it easy and watch some of the shows.

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