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GAdv..Saturday, 10/8...URCx3

beastmaster beastmaster Profile

10/9/11 at
2:48:34 PM

Just wanted to give a quickie recap of a pretty good, if abbreviated, excursion to GAdv yesterday. Last weekend, I was going to meet Gary (gad198) who was coming in from Cincinnati. But his plans changed based on the weather forecast, and we rescheduled for yesterday. I also touched base with Jen (GoYanks34) to see if she felt like joining the party. We planned on meeting somewhere near the fountain between 10-10:30. Some physical and mechanical issues forced me to get a late start with no breakfast, and I was in the park about 10:05. Gary showed up about 15 minutes later, followed shortly by Jen. clad in her new, truthful "TRUST ME, I'M A DOCTOR" tee-shirt. After rope drop, the two of them twisted my arm to head to El Toro first, and I reluctantly agreed. We got five rides, Jen and I in the back seat, Gary directly in front of me. We never had to leave our seats for five circuits, after the last of which there was someone at the gate. Jen was kinda relieved. Although she loves her coasters as much as any of us, marathoning isn't really her thing. So she was glad to get off. Her relief was also due to the fact she wouldn't have to see the comatose KK at the top of Toro's lift anymore. There were actually birds circling KK which appeared to be vultures/buzzards. That's what Jen said, and she's a vet, so I'll defer. The rides on Toro followed a familiar pattern this season...morning rides are a little sluggish, and I picked up a noticeable loss of speed at spots, especially just before the last airtime hill.

I'm not sure exactly what we did next..I think we walked over to GL to scope out the line. It appeared to be about 45 minutes, so we figured we MIGHT come back later. We did two rides on Bizarro, which continues to be running very well this year. Took a ride on the Runaway Train to honor Ron Toomer. It's not a ride I can keep my hands up on..never has been..but I did it yesterday. I've ridden that coaster more than any other in my life, save for Toro, and I still like it. I love the two pops of air just before the last turn into the station, and that turn over the water is STILL one of my favorite finishes to a coaster.

At that point Jen got her much-anticipated customary churro, which was serving as her breakfast. Maybe that's when we checked Green Lantern, I don't remember. We walked across the park to Nitro and found as hoped..for the first ride line. We got a back seat ride, and went around for another..queue was on the stairs this time..back seat again, although I gave up the outside seat to Gary this time. We could see the park was starting to get more crowded at this point. We decided to take one more ride, but we each got a Scara's Italian ice first..cherry for Gary and me, blue raspberry for Jen. It was a little too creamy, more like a gelato than an ice, but yummy nonetheless. Jen's had lumps, a fact she duly noted. The line was about 10 times longer now. Gary suggested a second row ride, which we got after about a 20 minute wait. He got his airtime on the outside, but I didn't get much of anything. It was, really, the first "blah" ride I've had on Nitro this season. We could see into the Batman line, and we were clued in that the hordes had arrived early for the later day/nighttime Fright Fest attractions. We kind of wandered back toward Green Lantern, but I think we knew we weren't gonna get on, and when I scoped the line, it appeared to be about 1.5 hours. So that last ride on Nitro turned out to be our last ride of the day.

Gary plays the 3-Point Basketball Challenge, so he did two rounds of that. Did okay on one, then VERY well the second, beating the high score of the day. We all knew we were gonna leave early..Gary was heading to New England, Jen's working on her move and preparing for State Boards, and I was gonna head down to see my cousin. So after grabbing a pretzel and buying my parking for next's gone up, but I haggled a bit and got it for this year's price...we split. Jen always suggests a URC get-together that might involve more than just three or four folks..maybe we can make that happen sometime.

I do want to apologize to Jen and Gary. My partial deafness is well documented, but I'm battling a cold and severe cough (which, oddly enough, didn't manifest in the park)...that caused my clogged up head and ears to have to ask them to repeat themselves more than usual. So thanks for your patience, guys.


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* This Post Has Been Modified *

Re: GAdv..Saturday, 10/8...URCx3 by alpengeistno3 at 10/9/11 4:42:21 PM

Sounds like an awesome day for what could have been a nightmare if you stayed all day, Mike. I was at KD and it was them most crowded I have seen it in a LONG time (full queue for Dominator and even Anaconda had a 20 minute line!)

Guess Jen didn't talk you into the Flash Pass since you guys didn't stay?


Count me in for a URC park takeover. Let's start with Gradv then work the way down the East Coast.

Re: GAdv..Saturday, 10/8...URCx3 by GoYanks34 GoYanks34 Profile at 10/9/11 7:34:31 PM

Very thorough TR Mike!

As for the 5 rides on ET, I wanted reading material for the last 2! I get SO bored when I have multiple rides over 2 or 3 on full circuit coasters. The shorter launch coasters I can ride more in a row. I still can't believe we got 5 rides on the beautiful day we were having though. And the birds were turkey vultures circling KK but since my man is "dead" buzzards sounded better, LOL. It was SO painful to look at him but not be able to ride. :~(

After ET we went right to Medusa, which still had the inaudible noise blaring from the speakers. We rode 2nd to last row first (only 2 seats in the last row with the audio equipment) and when we came back we moved up a few rows for a re-ride and I swear the speakers were even louder. It's such a good coaster but that noise ruins it. We hit the Runaway Train and then I got my Churro (YUM!). We then went to check on GL but skipped and headed over to Nitro. Had 3 great rides (I didn't think the 2nd row was that bad) and my Italian ice was lumpy (but still tasty). Then went to cheer on Gary win some prizes! He won me a teddy bear and won himself an Android tablet! Very impressive. I have to start shooting hoops!

And Paul, no Flash Pass - with moving and all funds are very low so I actually had to wait on line! I know, HORRIBLE! The only line we really had to wait on was the last Nitro ride, which was about 30 minutes.

It was a great call that Mike had to go to SFGAdv. (And I don't know why you're apologizing, you were fine - stop it!) I was so stressed with SO much to do but I really needed a break. It was great meeting Gary as well. We had a good time and it may have been the most beautiful day of the year. As I said when we were there, we definitely have to have a URC park takeover next year. So far all the people I've met are pretty cool and fun to hang out with so I think it would be a blast! It could give us something to work on over the winter break...


Re: GAdv..Saturday, 10/8...URCx3 by chitlins73 chitlins73 Profile at 10/9/11 8:52:23 PM

Count me in!!I would love to meet some of my fellow coaster geeks!! I met Paul and Rob so far but need to meet a few more of you guys and gals.....Dion

Re: GAdv..Saturday, 10/8...URCx3 by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 10/9/11 9:12:06 PM

We should work it it out so it culminates at hershey with a Rush To The Sky....


Re: GAdv..Saturday, 10/8...URCx3 by GoYanks34 GoYanks34 Profile at 10/9/11 10:39:00 PM

> We should work it it out so it culminates at hershey with a
> Rush To The Sky....

> Mike

With the way planned openings have been going that means we'll all go in September. LOL!

I'll put up a post when the season's over and there's nothing going on to figure out logistics and everything. It will be FUN! If we get enough people we can probably get a group discount too.


Re: GAdv..Saturday, 10/8...URCx3 by mugen828 mugen828 Profile at 10/13/11 8:01:46 AM

lol glad you had a nice time! I went the following day and had my worst visit of the season, well sort of.

I actually sprung for the platinum pass with a friend, so that was good, but my friend got sick early on and then I was by myself. THEN the first aid put my glucose meter in the fridge when they knew not too. I had to eat and was shaking and didn't know what my sugar level was. On top of all of that the line management was poor and I always had to tell people (riders) that I was riding again and they had to wait. I feel like that should be an attendants job, not mine. They did it sometimes but it got so bad later in the night, that sometimes I just didn't care. On Green lantern I even had my seat taken, as I had to get up and let people to the right of me off. Without making a hassle I just left the station because I didn't want to argue with someone.

Overall a very bleh day....I got on Nitro a good 20 times, el Toro 4 or 6, and GL once on of of the most crowded days I've ever seen there. Still though, we would have had a better time if my friend didn't get sick and if the First Aid didn't ruin my night.

- mugen