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A Third B&M Wing Rider for 2012

Overbanked Overbanked Profile

10/6/11 at
6:57:06 PM

Although this coaster isn't in the continent of North America, Thorpe Park in the UK is unleashing "Swarm" a B&M Wing Rider for 2012. It's height is 127 ft, and it will have 5 inversions; Inclined Loop, Dive Loop, Corkscrew, Heartline Roll, and a Zero-G Roll. Don't expect any "X-Flight-like inversion thru a keyhole" tricks due to no Barrel Roll; I don't understand for the life of me why more Wing Riders don't have that inversion. IMO every other inversion on a Wing Rider has a commonplace aura about them except for a barrel roll thru a keyhole, and a dive loop(particularly it being the first drop) To me it seems like those are the only two things (Wild Eagle has neither BTW) that makes a Wing Rider unique; Sorry "dangling feet experience feel", other coasters have done that before, even Vekoma Hang N Bang Jrs. I dunno if Swarm will have a dive loop first drop like X-flight. Sorry about my Swarm post turnt "need barrel rolls & dive loop first drops" rant. LOL.

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Re: A Third B&M Wing Rider for 2012 by PkD4Life PkD4Life Profile at 10/7/11 11:03:55 AM

From the looks of the drawings I have seen and things I have read everywhere it looks like it will have the dive loop first drop. I think all three wing riders look really good in different ways and should all offer a different expierence.