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I need VIP tickets to Cedar Point


9/25/11 at
11:25:05 PM

Can anyone help me with VIP tickets for a special kid? I am begging !

Re: I need VIP tickets to Cedar Point by Katie Katie Profile at 9/26/11 12:01:43 AM

Depending on your situation, have you contacted Cedar Point about visiting? Or is this just an attempt of a teenager just wanting a free ticket?

If you have special needs and need some additional help. Call the guest services to speak to someone there. They might be able to help you with whatever you might need.

Re: I need VIP tickets to Cedar Point by GoYanks34 GoYanks34 Profile at 9/26/11 12:38:55 AM

I saw your other post explaining that you want to take your daughter for her birthday. VIP tickets are only sold directly through Cedar Point so there are no discounts and you have to reserve your spot on a specific day so you can't buy them off someone for use at your discretion. They are very expensive and you must have someone on the tour over 18 so you would need 2 tickets since your daughter is 16 never mind that the minimum number of people needed is 4 so you may need 4 tickets if no one else has booked on that day. As much as most of us love Cedar Point, we also mostly agree that they are too expensive at $425/person so very few on this forum have actually even done the VIP tour. You will not find any "cheap" VIP tickets. You would be better off taking your daughter for the day at regular price and spending the rest on something that would last IMO. It's not worth it, especially if money is tight.


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