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CR* Untamed at Canobie

MABrider MABrider Profile

8/17/11 at
12:40:45 PM

*CR = Coaster Report vs a TR which this is not...

I attended the ACE New England event at Canobie this past Saturday, which included ERT on the park's new Eurocoaster (Dive Coaster?), Untamed.

Two rows each car, four across (like Mystery Mine).
OTSR's, yes. Very soft to the touch.
Not a long ride at all, in fact, once over the top, it was over real quick.

First drop provides nice air (forward thrust) and goes directly into the loop, which to me was quite intense. Said loop seems quite circular, not elliptical. Then into the Immelman, then it meanders into the zero-g roll (heartline) which is quite nice (loves me a good heartline roll). Meanders a bit more, then just like that, it is over.

I know the GP "counts" the straight up lift as part of the ride more than us, which is most likely why the ride seems so short.

I rode four times early on, left side, right side, front and back. No issues, and I thought they were running two cars. Quite fun, actually. Still, I would not wait more than 20 minutes for it. And I know the normal waits are close to an hour.

Later on I got a fifth ride; noticed three cars now (sorry, I never even noticed a car storage area, maybe I was just plain wrong when I thought there were only two cars running earlier). Anyway, did I get the third car this last ride? OUCH! Somewhere after the loop I got a punch in the jaw. And again! If that had been my only ride, I'd be saying what a piece of crap. Same experiences for my riding partner.
But my other four rides were fun!
Go figure. Luck of the draw IMO as to what the GP will say coming off Untamed.

Oh, yeah, the ERT included Cannonball; the ACE attendees wanted that more.
Including me (four rides).
Go figure!

Mike B.

Re: CR* Untamed at Canobie by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 8/17/11 6:44:16 PM

They have a transfer track and car barn.

Unfortunately, the day I rode it was pouring rain all-day. It's short, but I really enjoyed it.

Re: CR* Untamed at Canobie by GoYanks34 GoYanks34 Profile at 8/18/11 12:28:37 AM

It's listed as a Euro-Fighter. Looks like a coaster I'd love. I never knew there was a park in NH. I used to go up there all the time camping (many years ago) and had NO idea. Looks like a pretty good park. I may have to check it out someday. I love NH and I'm still waiting to see a moose there so I think it may be time for another trip next year!