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Ride Rotation is back?

SFGAman SFGAman Profile

8/17/11 at
11:01:30 AM

-Deja Vu at Six flags Magic Mountain is going to Six Flags New England

-Iron wolf at Six Flags Great America is rumored to go to Six Flags America

-Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's Pandemonium is rumored to be put at another park.

Well it looks like the ride rotation is back again.


Re: Ride Rotation is back? by MABrider MABrider Profile at 8/17/11 12:50:19 PM

> -Deja Vu at Six flags Magic Mountain is going to Six Flags
> New England

Great, another technological marvel that will be SBNO quite often at SFNE.*

I mean, anyone here ridden Catapult (Flyswatter) lately?
Yeah, what I thought.

*As it was during my only SFMM visit this past March.

Mike B.

Re: Ride Rotation is back? by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 8/17/11 6:42:09 PM

From my experience Deja Vu at SFMM has nearly always been operating. I've only missed it due to off-season maintenance, sometimes in September or early part of the year.

The issue you likely ran into was off-season maintenance. They will close it for a month or two each year for work. That's the difference between a park that operates year-round and one that is seasonal.

The roller coasters with multiple trains often don't close or don't close as often because they'll take one train out of service and keep the rest working.

Re: Ride Rotation is back? by mugen828 mugen828 Profile at 8/17/11 8:59:50 PM

I know deja vu and Flashback are two different rides but.....they are kind of similar. One being inverted and one not. Still, kinda lame they got something so similar.

I'd take Deja Vu fot SFGAdv though, there is a perfect spot right where this Big Grey Box is holding a bunch of scrap metal.

- mugen


Re: Ride Rotation is back? by MABrider MABrider Profile at 8/17/11 10:24:51 PM

I've only ridden one of the three SF Deja Vu coasters.
The one at SFGAm. And even that day it was running, then not, then was, and we got lucky to get a ride. I loved it.
I don't consider it anything at all like a boomerang.
And I loved the outside seats.

It's always been too bad that they all seemed so fickle.
SFoG's never ran while I was there (three times in four years).

I understand Eric's point re SFMM's but I visited on day two of weekday ops, so if SFMM didn't get the ride running with all those non-op days for maintenance, etc., I just figured it was "the usual" as I explained to my daughter "those things never run."

So now I wonder why SF is keeping this last one "in house."
Maybe because it was the most reliable?
Count me skeptical re what the future holds for it in New England.

Mike B.