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Verbolten vs. Cheetah Hunt

pyl-driver pyl-driver Profile

8/15/11 at
4:00:31 PM

BGT and BGW seem to have a lot of same new coasters. With Verbolten coming out next year it seems as they get the better version coaster of whatever Tampa gets. Will the trend continue....? I think so, with all the details that are out the track layout looks better, scenery looks better, and the theme looks way better. The only thing keeping this a certainty is the maker Zierer who hasnt really established itself as a giant like Intamin. So what you think?

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Re: Verbolten vs. Cheetah Hunt by Schrecken Schrecken Profile at 8/15/11 8:56:12 PM

From what I have seen, Verbolten seems like it will be on the order of Mystery Mine at Dollywood. Not a bad coaster, but it just seems underwhelming based on the sorts of coasters that BGE has built in the past. The only other thought is that Verbolten may have more dark-ride type elements and theming that will help save it from mediocrity, otherwise it doesn't impress me so far, anymore than HP's upcoming coaster. They may also be looking for a more family-friendly coaster as well.

I can't say anything about Cheetah Hunt as I've not been to that park since the Carter administration (I'd love to go there, but I just don't get to Florida very often, and the last time I went to Universal IOA).