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new cedar point ride in 2012


7/25/11 at
10:29:01 PM

ok after waiting almost 9 hours for the dragster to open sunday due to it getting hit by lightning 3 times and frying alot of the electrics, it did pay off, one worker was telling me about plans for the future and hints on where the ride will be. cedar point is moving calypso to a new spot in 2012 and taking out every car ride in the park, plus no more padlewheel tours either. she said that those where places that a new ride could be. but they cant really tell you. those are large areas and with almost everything gone from the area around blue streak something big could go there. they said the release will be in august. also something is being built under the iron dragon on the paths, small houses and some large buildings, maybe the new 2011 halloweekends walk trough? if you know anything else reply ..

Re: new cedar point ride in 2012 by segafan7 segafan7 Profile at 7/26/11 11:34:19 AM

Just sounds to me like EVEN MORE of the Cedar Point that "I" grew up with and loved is going away...

As a kid, I LOVED those car rides (caddilac and antique), they gave me my first experience at what is was like to be "behind the wheel". I could understand them getting rid of some... but why "ALL"? I'm sure that there will be A LOT of kids let down by this news.

The Paddlewheel Excursions (as someone who frequented the park in the 70's) used to be a "MAJOR" attraction. But, sadly, ever since the Iron Dragon was built in it's original location (and, some political correctness taking it's effect), the ride has never been quite the same as it used to be. "PaddleWheel" was basically Cedar Point's version of "The Jungle Cruise" at Disney. Yes, a much cheaper version, but still the same kind of attraction. "The Jungle Cruise" still has it's appeal... why couldn't Cedar Fair do the same with this "family" ride?

I realize that rollercoasters and the like are what bring in the money, but I know that "I", (for one), would still be riding AND ENJOYING attractions like "The Pirate Ride", "Earthquake", and the "Upside-Down Funhouse", etc... if THEY were still around today.

Re: new cedar point ride in 2012 by cduff at 7/26/11 11:43:43 AM

Yeah I get your point I loved the old car rides I would say leave the one by maverick but I think it is because they need space . Also they ate powered by gas which we all no is not cheap . Hopefully they will bring them back like Kennywood is doing. I did like the boat ride but there is never a line for it. They take out rides with the lowest popularity. Hopefully the winobago will last but probably not, not many people doing it.

Re: new cedar point ride in 2012 by segafan7 segafan7 Profile at 7/26/11 3:41:42 PM

That seems to be one of Cedar Point's problems today... "Where to find the ROOM for new rides".

When I was looking at a picture taken of the "point" from the air, it gave me an idea. Would it be at all possible to "reclaim" some land from the water by filling in the area southeast from the parking lot? (the area between the Cedar Point causeway and the natural beach) (look at Cedar Point's website and the webcam view from the top of the Dragster for a good view of the area that I'm talking about) I mean, I have no experience in that area to know wether or not if that would even be feasible, but if you could do that, then you could build a NEW parking area on the NEW land and the park could take over the OLD parking area for all new stuff. Then, you would be pushing the park entrance to where the parking area starts now. Can you imagine how much bigger that would make the park in general?

It's a pipe dream, I know, but it's a good one, isn't it??

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Re: new cedar point ride in 2012 by RobLec RobLec Profile at 7/26/11 8:45:36 PM

> Would it be at all possible to "reclaim" some land from
> the water by filling in the area southeast from the parking lot?

Feasible but entirely unlikely, as they're still paying off the purchase of the Paramount parks and the investors come first. The land reclamation would likely cost as much as a major new attraction without drawing any additional guests.

Re: new cedar point ride in 2012 by Cyclone_Phil Cyclone_Phil Profile at 7/27/11 1:33:26 AM

From the sky view pics of the park, there seems to be a good number of parking lot space. I was wondering in a different thread about would it be possible to do what Universal Orlando did, which was to 'expand' their park over the parking lot and build 6-7 story garage complex. I mean you'd maximize the land and still would keep the same number of spots for the cars. Then again, maybe the land can't support that kind of load? Still, I think that would be a good idea to take some of the parking lot land to expand out.

Re: new cedar point ride in 2012 by cduff at 7/27/11 2:50:57 PM

yeah you guys are all right about the space issue, i go every week,so i know alot about the park. The only part o land un-build able for a new ride is the sand, for example the magnum xl 200 has sunk a few feet over the years, that only is on the pretzel turnaround. the rest of cedar point is all rock, it will hold alot of load, now cedar point owns the lot next to the breaker express, and that warehouse, they could use that grassy area for a parking garage and maybe have like a monorail across the causeway, and reduce parking space in front of the park with another parking garage, than they could have alot more room for new rides, and also have the monorail go back to soak city, they could even take out that parking lot. that is what i think they could do and oh the water between the 2 causeways is a bay it is larger than the park itself cedar point doesn't own that, it is one of the bays around sandusky, and is a great water skiing and water-sport spots. cedar point was an island at one point they had to make those causeways, so that was once a part of the lake.

Re: new cedar point ride in 2012 by cduff at 7/27/11 2:52:55 PM

> It's a pipe dream, I know, but it's a good one, isn't it??
yeah it is but it isnt possible that bay is the size of cedar point it is 5 miles long it would be amazing for the park space but not possible i would look at the soak city lot for new area for things to come

Re: new cedar point ride in 2012 by LoneStar LoneStar Profile at 7/27/11 6:02:19 PM

I'd hate to see Paddlewheel Excursion go. That ride cracked me up!

- Pat-O

Re: new cedar point ride in 2012 by NotSo NotSo Profile at 7/28/11 12:35:20 AM

I have no idea what you guys are talking about, they have plenty of room for new rides. The park is huge, and most of the rides are spaced out pretty far apart from each other. There is a ton of dead space that isnt used for anything. They have another 15-20 years before space becomes an issue.
They choose not to build rides on top of each other, and the park looks great because of it.

Re: new cedar point ride in 2012 by segafan7 segafan7 Profile at 7/29/11 2:08:12 PM

I still think that taking over at least SOME of the main parking lot would be a good way to go with it. Even if you just pushed the park entrance 100 feet forward, that alone would probably give you enough extra space for a couple of new coasters.

Or... say you take over about HALF of the main parking area, and then build some extra parking near the entrance to the causeway. Aren't there just a bunch of old buildings and such around that area (before you head out on the causeway towards the park)? If Cedar Fair could purchase some property in that area and turn it into extra parking... then they could have some kind of tram service to take people to the front of the park (kind of like the tram service that King's Island used to have for their parking lot).

The "Paddlewheel Excursions" used to be quite the attraction back in the 70's when it was still called the "Western Cruise". The ride had A LOT more stuff to look at on the banks of the water... and the boats had more detail to them as well (they looked more like an actual Paddlewheel boat than they do today). Of course, I can understand why the Indians shooting at you had to go (with today's political correctness and all, even though that IS part of our history), but it's too bad most of that old stuff is gone today. I can still remember when there used to be LONG lines for that ride.

Re: new cedar point ride in 2012 by GoYanks34 GoYanks34 Profile at 7/29/11 11:41:01 PM

What about the land behind the park - where there is extra parking and the pay-rides, by the water park? Do you really need a sling-shot? You could potentially expand there and either eliminate the back entrance or move it. But I agree with Notso that there is space that can still be used in the park. I don't think they are at "maximum ride capacity" yet (I don't know about 15-20 years, but they still have some room). They would just need rides that fit into certain blueprints and custom rides/coasters are made all the time, especially for a park like that. A tier garage is a great idea if they ever needed to go that route.


Re: new cedar point ride in 2012 by D1993 at 8/5/11 6:57:45 AM

^ the thing is a slingshot doesnt really take up much room. In fact it takes barely any room at all. I dont know how to take this concerning how reliabaly it is. As much as i want to beleive it, I think we would have seen signs at the park already like rides being close and moved, land clearing, pouring of footers (if its going to be a roller coaster).

Re: new cedar point ride in 2012 by cduff at 8/6/11 6:07:21 AM

^ well we will know very soon what it is probably in the upcoming weeks, it could be a coaster , the old car rides are very easy to get rid of, just take up all the track and demolish the station, and so is calipso. they didnt start to build shoot the rapids until late january and they would start it after they announce it, what ride could be that big in all that space if it wasnt a coaster.

Re: new cedar point ride in 2012 by pyl-driver pyl-driver Profile at 8/6/11 9:44:37 PM

My guess is that new wing coaster. They like to be first at the big coasters. This wing coaster is going to be eventually at all the big parks, just like when raptor was so popular. Everyone eventually got a inverted coaster of some sorts. I'm hoping for a dive coaster that is much bigger and badder than Griffon. I'm sure they will be taking back their crown for most coasters though.

Re: new cedar point ride in 2012 by alyssadiann1219 at 8/10/11 12:25:13 AM

I hope it is something good-not stupid like the Windseeker or Shoot the Rapids. I got bored during both. The Maverick is AMAZING hopefully it will be like a nice fast coaster with upside down stuff or something interesting

Re: new cedar point ride in 2012 by Devan4u7 at 8/27/11 2:27:35 PM

Only new attractions for 2012 will be Dinasours Alive! an animatronic life-size Dino exhibit walk through located at the paddlewheel excursion (retiring laborday 2011) which will have a $5 entrance fee. Also Soak City will be adding a mat-racer waterslide complex.
Rumors are circulating about a new coaster in 2013 include a possible wing roller coaster, floorless with a ton of inversions or a Dive coaster. A location near the front of the park on the Disaster Transport / Space Spiral side was also mentioned.
Personally I would love to see a B+M floorless Dive coaster like Shiekra or Griffon. That addition to the park would make CP the hands down best park for coasters (not that it already isnt, but this would solidify it) Six Flags Magic Mountain introdcuction of 4th dimension coaster, Green Lantern, gave the park its 18th coaster surpassing CP as park with most coasters. Obviously CP would make this Dive coaster bigger, better and badder than any other in existence and would make Cedar Point have the best and most unique introduction of roller coasters over the past 15 years (MF, Top Thrill, Maverick....Dive Coaster!!)

Re: new cedar point ride in 2012 by pyl-driver pyl-driver Profile at 8/27/11 3:55:16 PM

Really??? It is way to early to start those rumors. Last year it was a given Cedar Point was getting a new coaster in 2012 and look what we got.

Re: new cedar point ride in 2012 by boyzbad at 8/27/11 4:55:21 PM

I was told 2 years ago that a new coaster would likely go in the area east of the front gate. Where Demon Drop was and use part of the parking lot.