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1928 Roller Coaster Blueprint

Autistic_Savant Autistic_Savant Profile

3/22/11 at
10:18:44 PM

I have an original roller coaster design, hand drawn on linen-cloth paper by the designer in 1928. The coaster was going to be built for Edward Rhoads at Newburgh, NY and built by H.A. Bauscher. However, the plans for the park's expansion failed due to increase electricity costs and the coaster was never built. This is the only known blueprint (though it is on linen-cloth paper and not the blue paper)of it in existence. Since the park's plans failed, the coaster was not pursued after this, and therefore there are no blue paper blueprints---just this hand-drawn design on linen-cloth paper. What I am trying to verify is the designer---the designer did not sign this plan. However, in my research of 1920s coasters, I have found this closely resembles Harry Baker's Cyclone design (not the Coney Island Cyclone, but the one that appears in the back of the Harry Baker roller coaster catalog---and the one he did in Oklahoma City called the Zingo that was built around 1928) as shown by this link:

I am trying to find an expert that can help me verify this. I have found that H.A. Bauscher did later work for Harry Baker in building the Derby Racer at Revere Beach---so it is feasible that this is a Harry Baker design. Thank you.

Re: 1928 Roller Coaster Blueprint Photo Icon by Autistic_Savant Autistic_Savant Profile at 3/22/11 10:39:54 PM

Here is the picture of the Harry Baker Zingo (Cyclone) that was in Oklahoma---that my coaster design from the above post resembles. User Submitted Picture

Re: 1928 Roller Coaster Blueprint by jimmyb223 jimmyb223 Profile at 7/11/11 9:49:39 AM

This is a very cool looking roller coaster design and very modern for its time. What are you looking to do with the drawing? I maybe interested in it, not even knowing who drew it.

Jimmy B. |

Re: 1928 Roller Coaster Blueprint by Autistic_Savant Autistic_Savant Profile at 10/29/12 11:04:42 AM
Hi Jimmy B. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to you (over a year). I just haven't been on this site much. I need to spend more time here. Anyway, I am currently trying to construct an HO scale balsa wood model of this mystery coaster. After getting much of the structure complete, I can say that it also closely resembles the Fred Church designed Giant Dipper in San Diego. Although I cannot rule out the possibility that this is a Church design, I am most certain now that it is a Baker Cyclone. My ultimate plan with this design/blueprint would be for it to be built for real at some amusement park. Of course I would expect payment for the blueprint if such a park would build it. I guess you could say anything can be bought for a price, and I would sell this plan if the price were right. I have always felt that this blueprint belongs in a museum since it is the hand-drawn original draft done in 1928. Thank you for replying to my original post.

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