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Cedar Point's Halloweekends


9/15/08 at
3:20:19 PM

What do you think about Cedar Point's Halloweekends? Im curious to find out what you think about it.

Re: Cedar Point's Halloweekends by staveoffzombies at 9/17/08 6:18:44 AM

I'm curious about this as well. My wife and I are planning on traveling to Cedar Point this Saturday on our annual Cedar Point trip and I was wondering what it was like as far as crowds and such.

Usually we take the trip in August so this is a somewhat new experience.

Re: Cedar Point's Halloweekends by piratejay21 at 9/17/08 10:12:35 AM

Well I'm a Screamster on the new Terror Island which is a new scare zone for this year. Many people came through last weekend and said that the crowds and lines for the rides weren't bad at all. It might have been because the weather was supposed to be bad, but it really wasn't. It was actually extremely hot!!! Well it was for us Screamsters since we wear masks and costumes. haha. But this will only be the 2nd weekend it will be open so I don't think the crowds would be that big. I would imagine the crowds wouldn't get big till the last week of September or even till October. Hope you and your wife have a... SPOOKTACULAR time!!!

Re: Cedar Point's Halloweekends by Mikey_Mad Mikey_Mad Profile at 10/6/08 12:47:22 PM

I will be going to Cedar Point on Sunday, 12 October. The park is open 10am-10pm and all the Halloweekend attractions are supposed to be open. Anyone game to meet me?

Mikey Mad

Re: Cedar Point's Halloweekends by Mikey_Mad Mikey_Mad Profile at 10/11/08 12:31:37 PM

Sunday the 12th is a full day of fun. The last full day of the 2008 season 10am-10pm. Only a couple of water rides will be closed. Come join the fun.

Mikey Mad

Re: Cedar Point's Halloweekends by lcarterh lcarterh Profile at 10/13/08 7:49:12 PM

Last year I only went to Halloweekends once and I was disapointed because the lines were soooo long but it was a Saturday and have learned fridays and sundays are actually reasonable.
However this past Sat had over 60,000 people and the line for big rides was over 2 hours.
I went yesterday and it was a little busy because of the long weekend but still managed to get on most things.
The lines for haunted attractions are usually about 15 minutes except cornstalkers (an outdoor haunt) which was about 45 minutes.
I like the haunted attractions. Undertaker U, Club Blood, Carnevil and Terror Island are particularily well done.
On a friday not all rides are open but most of the big ones are. Last week they were all walk ons except Millenium force which was 15 mins and Maverick at 30 mins.
Sunday's are usually pretty slow too with the exception of yesterday because it had extended hours.
Saturdays however are busier than a weekend in July.

I am glad I gave Halloweekends a shot again. It was a lot of fun and I will be back for the final weekend Oct 31 - Nov 2.

Re: Cedar Point's Halloweekends by CFObsessed CFObsessed Profile at 10/13/08 9:02:09 PM

I'm going for my first time this weekend.Any advice for a newbie?

Re: Cedar Point's Halloweekends by lcarterh lcarterh Profile at 10/13/08 9:39:25 PM

> I'm going for my first time this weekend.Any advice for a
> newbie?

If you can avoid going on Sat, a friday or Sunday are better to get more in.

Which day are you going?

If Friday,

You can get everything in and you don't need my advice. There will not likely be long lines but not everything is open. The place is dark and creepy for Halloween.
If you need to be selective I recommend Club Blood, Undertaker U and Terror Island. Carnevil is next to terror island and worth your time also. Again, even with the short hours you can get it all in.

Saturday you will need to be more selective and are looking at long lines. The rides you want to be sure to get on are Millenium, Top Thrill and Maverick but each will be 2 hours of a wait.

Wicked Twister is awesome as is Magnum and the wait is a little shorter.

There are a variety of flats which will have shorter lines.

On a Sunday, none of the outdoor haunts will be open but the indoor ones will open in the afternoon. You should be able to do most things. If you leave TTD, MF and Maverick to later in the day the lines may be short. They may also not be too bad in the day.

Remember if you are in a line before the park closes you will get to ride regardless of the time. So if you enter the line for a big ride such as Maverick 5 mins before close they will honor your place and you will get to wait to ride. This may be a good choice if the park is busy.

I have not done cornstalkers but it is busy. People seem to like it however.

Kids also love the parade that goes thru the park Sat and Sun.

Friday is good for limited rides (big rides) and haunts.

Sat has it all but is busier than a summer day.

Sunday is great for rides but has limited haunts.

I am going back closing weekend but will likely skip most of Sat as I know it will be busy.

Re: Cedar Point's Halloweekends by CFObsessed CFObsessed Profile at 10/22/08 10:03:01 PM

I went on Saturday and I estimate that attendance was around 57,000!Millenium and Maverick were out of the queue!See my TR for more information on my trip,piratejay21.

P.S. Thanks for the info,lcarterh! :D

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