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Century Flyer trains still running?

Posted: 6/23/08 at 9:02:43 PM
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Hi there. Newebie.
Go ahead and tease me.

Just wondering how many Century Flyer trains were still operating.
I found a few on line, but figured someone here would have a tidbit like that filed away in their head.
Weren't there one or two rescued from a rotting coaster in Ohio a few years ago?
Anyway, they're great lookin' trains and I've always wondered about their locations.


Re: Century Flyer trains still running? by KPBook04 KPBook04 Profile at 6/24/08 6:21:46 PM

The only ones I can think of off the top of my head are the Thunderbolt at Kennywood and the Big Dipper at Camden Park.
The Li'l Dipper at Camden and the Kiddie Coaster at Rye Playland still use kiddie versions of these trains, too.

The Big Dipper at Geauga Lake ran NAD Flyers minus the headlight theming up until the park closed last year. Hopefully, the new 'mystery' owner of the ride would continue to use these classic trains IF (and currently, it's a REALLY BIG 'IF') it ever becomes operational again.

Conneaut has a pair of NAD Century Flyers in storage that they haven't used since 2002 or 2003 (not sure when they stopped using them). They gloriously restored one of the original Vettel trains to run on the Blue Streak during it's last few seasons of operation instead. Sadly, it's now the second season that Conneaut Lake Park has not opened, and it's looking more and more doubtful that they'll ever reopen again.

Re: Century Flyer trains still running? by Jim-Douglas-Jr Jim-Douglas-Jr Profile at 6/24/08 7:00:24 PM

Thanks! Yup, that's what I found on line.
I rode the Blue Streak years ago and remember seeing the original trains off to the side collection dust. I do remember them and the Century Flyers vividly.
They also have one of the few remaining operational Tumble Bugs, and actual OLD Dodgem cars that you raced around an oblong track.

Check this out, before all bumper cars were all called Dodge 'ems.
Real Dodgem's were cars toy drove around in an oval. ot was OK to bump, but that wasn't the point. Less like a smash up derby, more like a dirt track race.

User Submitted Picture

Re: Century Flyer trains still running? by DAFE_Rick DAFE_Rick Profile at 6/24/08 7:35:33 PM

The restored NAD train was really great looking with it's operating headlights and MARS light, but the NAD's were not designed for that coaster and were tearing up the track and the structure. The Vettel train rode much better than the NAD's and ran like it was made for the coaster, which of course it was! Unfortunately, the second Vettel train was left to rot. The only thing that saved the existing one was the fact that it was used for maintenance purposes.

Anyone that was there for the first Blue Streak Bash may remember the streaks of sparks coming off the train as it scrapped across the end of the turn around on the drop. I'm surprised that it never set the track on fire! (At least this time.) The grease soaked wood did smolder as the train was being run at the start of one season. Quick reacting maintenance people spotted the smoke and put it out and likely prevented disaster.


Re: Century Flyer trains still running? by Jim-Douglas-Jr Jim-Douglas-Jr Profile at 6/25/08 6:21:45 PM

That;s too cool.

As you can tell by my post count, I'm new (but not a new enthusiast). I have to say, I'm a little envious of some of you who seem to be getting around so much, Definitely in my plans for the future.

Re: Century Flyer trains still running? by gio270 at 6/3/15 2:29:41 PM
I have a century flyer from the '39 Worlds Fair. Anyone interested?
Re: Century Flyer trains still running? *NM* Photo by gio270 at 6/5/15 2:48:59 PM
Here it is User Submitted Picture