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Deaths at Kings Island


5/23/08 at
12:49:32 PM

This is in response to the person asking about deaths at Kings Island. I have lived near Kings Island since it opened in 1972 and worked there as a teenager. Now my kids have all worked there as well. We enjoy fireworks every night at 10:00 when they are open. So I can remember quite a few of the deaths that happened there.

The worst night for Kings Island was in the early 90's when a woman was thrown from the Space Commander (or might have been Skylab) ride the same day that two people were electrocuted in a pond. The woman later was shown to be intoxicated and riding alone in the ride, both of which allowed her limp body to slip out of the seat and be thrown to her death. The two men were electrocuted in a pond near the German Beer Garden and the Viking ship ride. A wire in the pond caused the problem and the second man was electrocuted when he entered the water to help the first man who had fallen in and was in obvious trouble.

Other deaths include a teenager who was killed at the Eiffel Tower. It was grad night and he was climbing the interior of the tower when he was struck by the elevator counterweight and landed on top of the elevator.

Another grad night death happened in the same area when a teenager dove headfirst into the large fountain on International street and suffered a fatal head/neck injury.

There were also, I believe, two workers killed by lions in the monorail safari area. The first was killed when he left his jeep type vehicle in the lion enclosure. The other was a caretaker for the lions that was found mauled after the night shift. I remember there being two different ones as the second death prompted Kings Island to remove lions from the ride.

Other deaths include a tuba player from the clown band who was struck by lightning in the parking lot and miscellaneous heart attacks and medical deaths that are just going to happen in a place that deals with that many people.

Recent tragedies include the girl who had her feet cut off when a cable snapped on the Drop Zone ride and people who were injured when the Son of Beast had a malfunction. The Cobra also had a wheel break as it was coming into the platform several years ago and some people complained of injuries on that.

Overall, it's a pretty safe place and most deaths and injuries were freaky in nature or due to misconduct or carelessness by the people who were killed or injured.

Re: Deaths at Kings Island by RedRacer at 5/23/08 1:22:22 PM

A couple corrections:
The girl that lost her feet was Kaitlyn Lassiter and that accident occurred at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom on their drop ride,Superman Tower of Power.
The woman who lost her life at Kings Island was Candy Taylor and she was riding the Flight Commander.There was a thread about this a few years ago that has a lot of info.All of them are very tragic accidents.

Kings Island Fatalities

Re: Deaths at Kings Island by SirWillow SirWillow Profile at 5/24/08 10:34:55 PM

I'm sure it wouldn't take to much effort to find that thread. The sad thing is that in the huge long thing that it is, there's also a lot of misinformation, rumors, and myths about things that never happened and it can be difficult to sort some of it out if you don't pay much attention. Let's just say that there were good reasons it was closed.

You can read it here:

Re: Deaths at Kings Island by Simon_Baynham at 5/25/08 6:57:10 AM

For reports and opinions on park/ride mishaps etc see book 245i at


Re: Deaths at Kings Island by Shaft_STL Shaft_STL Profile at 5/25/08 9:33:26 AM

...and it lives on!

I thought everything has already been said several times over in the last thread, hence why it was closed. I guess we just needed to see it again.

Re: Deaths at Kings Island by RobLec RobLec Profile at 5/25/08 9:57:56 AM

> I thought everything has already been said several times
> over in the last thread, hence why it was closed. I guess
> we just needed to see it again.

It's been just about a year since it was closed.
Must be about time to pass it around again.

Re: Deaths at Kings Island by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 5/25/08 3:07:12 PM

I'm closing this thread since I'm in agreement that this topic has been well discussed. Like the last thread, here we go again with people posting bad information (i.e. mention of an accident on Drop Zone).