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Any Roller Coaster Magazines?

Posted: 3/6/08 at 3:58:58 PM
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Does anyone know of any roller coaster magazines out there? I looked all over for them and have not found any! Thanks

Re: Any Roller Coaster Magazines? by coastermom coastermom Profile at 3/6/08 4:04:20 PM

Hi Kate!

The only "coaster" magazines that I absolutely know are available are ACE's publication of "Rollercoaster!" and European Coaster Club (ECC) which has "First Drop" magazine. I'm sure there are other clubs with magazines but I am most familiar with these. Both clubs require membership and both clubs are good.

Hope this helps.

Re: Any Roller Coaster Magazines? by kdleader kdleader Profile at 3/6/08 5:10:04 PM

There's Theme Park Magazine in addition to those already mentioned.

Re: Any Roller Coaster Magazines? by coastermom coastermom Profile at 3/6/08 5:26:08 PM

I thought I heard that "Theme Parks" magazine was a hard one to get. I signed up for a subscribtion over 2 years ago and never got any. ??? Has anyone in URC land getting this publication?

Re: Any Roller Coaster Magazines? by Judy_P_in_Pgh Judy_P_in_Pgh Profile at 3/6/08 7:03:45 PM

The last issue of Theme Parks Magazine I received was issue 7 (Hersheypark on the cover) last fall. Here is a post from their website:

Jennifer Lovesee-Mast October 12, 2007
Another update, the magazines were completed on Tuesday (10/09) and we picked them up on Wednesday (10/10) we labeled and prepared for mailing last evening (Thursday 10/11) and we will have the magazines in the mail tonight (Friday 10/12). Issue 7 is being mailed as usual, bulk standard, which can take 2-3 weeks to be received. If you have not received the magazine within that period of time please e-mail us at Removed By Moderator and include "Theme Parks Magazine" in the subject line.

Re: Any Roller Coaster Magazines? by Coaster911 at 3/7/08 8:48:18 AM

well, I get

I thought both the Maverick and Voyage stories in the last issue (7) were especially well done ;)

As stated above don't hesitate to go to the magazines home page and email us if you have subscribed and not gotten it and another will be sent out to you. There have been some problems with the U.S. postal service getting these all delivered to where they are supposed to go.

Kelly Kraft
Contributing Editor
Theme Parks Magazine

Re: Any Roller Coaster Magazines? by parkbookman parkbookman Profile at 3/7/08 12:19:57 PM

Kelly -

Its a really nice magazine and I enjoy receiving it, but the concern I have as a subscriber is that what was originally promoted as a quarterly publication seems to have no set publishing schedule. It only comes out once or twice a year it seems.

Anyway on topic....

Roller Coaster! and First Drop are the only magazines (color photos, glossy paper) that focus on roller coasters.

There are a number of more amusement park oriented publications such as the aforementioned Theme Park, and NAPHA News, from the National Amusement Park Historical Association, along with the more business oriented Fun World from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, Park World and In Park.

Then of course there are also several other ride oriented publications such as Barl Of Fun from the Dark Ride and Funhouse Enthusiasts, Merry-Go-Round-Up from the National Carousel Association and Carousel News and Trader.

I like them all.


Re: Any Roller Coaster Magazines? by DAFE_Rick DAFE_Rick Profile at 3/7/08 4:28:56 PM

> Then of course there are also several other ride oriented
> publications such as Barl Of Fun from the Dark Ride and
> Funhouse Enthusiasts...

Barrel O' Fun actually! :-)


Re: Any Roller Coaster Magazines? by RobLec RobLec Profile at 3/7/08 4:49:45 PM

Barrel O' Fun is a quality publication! Also GOCC has a periodic magazine
The Streak, and I imagine most other coaster clubs have theirs as well.

Re: Any Roller Coaster Magazines? by jlovesee at 3/11/08 3:03:08 PM

I post here from time to time, but I am also one of the editors of Theme Parks Magazine mentioned here. We are still in print, however like always we seem to always run into delays. We did start out advertising as a quarterly magazine, that was our plan, and we always try to meet that goal with the next issue. Something always happens though to make that impossible.

We always appreciate all of our readers, and even though we have a very small staff (three or four depending on how you look at it) with very limited funds, we strive for a high quality that is yet unmatched in the industry. We also try to keep our cost down, our subscription price has been $20 for four issues since 2004, we have not raised it for consideration to our subscribers.

I try to be very open to any comments out there, good, bad and indifferent so please if you have any issues (no pun intended) at all, please let me know. My e-mail address is Also I attend many ACE events, and visit many parks across the country. If you see us there or you want to know if I will be there to talk with please let me know as well.

Jennifer Lovesee-Mast

Re: Any Roller Coaster Magazines? by Coasterboi200 at 7/9/18 10:51:22 PM
I LOVE ROLLERCOASTER MAGAZINES!!!! Okay, so here’s the deal. ACE makes a magazine called RollerCoaster!, also makes a newsletter magazine called ACENews, and their old magazine (1980s) was called CoasterWorld. There is also the Orlando Attractions Magazine. And the European coaster club has its own magazine called First Drop. I hope I helped!