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Create A Theme Park


8/29/05 at
6:40:30 PM

ok lets say you got to manage a park a pick 12 thrill rides what rides would you pick give facts and details about each ride a theme park name this is just for fun so dont bash other here goes

Park Name: Phenominal Expectations
Location: Orlando, Florida


BATTLE OF NATURE: 3 coasters dueling at the same time each track is different and each coaster is different
EARTH: Floorless/Steel

Length: around 3600 ft
Duration: around 3 Minutes
Height: 215 ft
Drop: 205 ft
Speed: 55 mph
Inversions: 5 Restraints: Shoulder
Track Color: Blue/Light Green

WIND: Flying/Steel

Length: around 3600 ft
Duration: around 3 minutes
Height: 230 ft
Drop: 225 ft
Speed: 55 mph
Inversions: 3 Restraints: Shoulder
Track Color: White/Brown

FIRE: Stand-Up/Steel

Length: around 3600 ft
Duration: around 3 minutes
Height: 195 ft
Drop: 188 ft
Speed: 55 mph
Inversions: 4 Restraints : Shoulder
Track Color: Red/Orange/Shades Of Yellow
(counts as 1 ride)

LEGEND OF RA: the coaster that breaks all records shattering everything in its way

Type: Floorless-Hydraulic Launch(off chain lift)/Steel

Length: around 9500 ft
Duration: 4 minutes 50 seconds
Height: 430 ft
Drop: 415 ft
Speed: 103 mph
Max Acceleration: 0-100 in 3 seconds flat
Inversions: 12 Restraints : Shoulder
Track Color: Red/Gold/Yellow

Theme: Legend of Ra was a dragon of the sun i believe

MONSTER: one of the biggest wooden coasters ever

Type: Sit Down/Wood
Length: around 7500 ft
Duration: 4 minutes
Height: 195 ft
Drop: 195 ft
Speed: 70 mph
Inversions: 0

GUILLOTINE: a freefall ride unlike anything else shoots you up 35 stories and shooting you back down through an enclosed tube in complete darkness

Height: 350 ft
Duration: 48 seconds
Drop: varies
Speed: unknown

VENOM: a sit down coaster

Type: Sit Down/Steel
Length: around 2900 ft
Duration: around 2 minutes 15 seconds
Height: 145 ft
Drop: 130 ft
Inversions: 0
Speed: 60 mph
Track Color: Black/Purple

PHENOM: an inverted coaster thats simply...phenominal

Type: Inverted/Steel
Length: around 4000 ft
Duration: around 3 minutes 30 seconds
Height: 348 ft
Drop: 340 ft
Inversions: 7
Speed: 80 mph
Track Color: Magenta/Blue/Yellow

POSEIDONS REVENGE: an inverted coaster with twists, turns

Type: Inverted/Steel
Length: around 3200 ft
Duration: 2 minutes
Height: 165 ft
Drop: 150 ft
Inversions: 5
Speed: 63 mph
Track Color: Blue/Dark Blue/Light Blue

Theme: Poseidon is the god of the seas

METALLIC FORCE: a huge steel coaster

Type: Sit Down/Steel
Length: around 3300 ft
Duration: 3 minutes
Height: 315 ft
Drop: 305 ft
Inversions: 0
Speed: 90 mph
Track Color: Red/White/Blue

SON OF MONSTER: the son of Monster much bigger packs a punch

Type: Sit Down/Wood
Length: around 7000 ft
Duration: 3 mionutes 40 seconds
Height: 230 ft
Drop: 230 ft
Inversions: 2
Speed: 81 mph

THE ROCKET:a unique thrill where height is not a boundary you rocket up 52 stories shooting u down backwards at the spped of life going to the other side going up 52 stories again and it keeps going til it dies out

Type: Sit Down/Steel
Length: around 2500 ft
Duration: unknown
Height: 520 ft
Drop: Varies
Inversions: 0
Speed: 100 mph
Track Color: Red

APOLLO: a unique coaster where it intersects with its twin the 'Big Bang' there two different rides and intersect with each other

Type: Sit Down/Steel-Hydraulic Launch(out of station)
Length: around 5000 ft
Duration: 2 minutes
Height: 290 ft(Top Hat)
Drop: 290 ft
Inversions: 5
Speed: 88 mph
Track Color: Yellow/Purple/Lime Green


Type: Sit Down/Steel-Hydraulic Launch(off chain lift)
Length: around 5000 ft
Duration: 2 minutes
Height: 320 ft
Drop: 320 ft
Inversions: 6
Speed: 88 mph
Track Color: Magenta/Blue/Orange

thats it i was bored i thought this might be fun

Re: Create A Theme Park by Shaft_STL Shaft_STL Profile at 8/29/05 8:55:08 PM

> Park Name: Phenominal Expectations

I guess the real question is whether or not you're going to keep the incorrect spelling or get it trademarked...

Re: Create A Theme Park by Millenium-Fan at 8/29/05 9:16:33 PM

Six Flags Hollywood
(Almost everything based after movies)

Timber terror
Wooden coaster
150 ft
60 mph
5,800 ft long
Colors: Wood colors

160 ft
50 mph
dont know length exactly
Colors: green and royal blue

sit-down twister coaster
155 ft
64 mph
4,200 ft long
Colors: Grey, Black, Yellow

Red Barron stunt Coster
Inverted impulse
200 ft
72 mph
dont know length
colors: red and white

suspended swinging
170 ft
65 mph
3,000 ft
colors: green and purple

Vertical Limit
vertical drop
180 ft
70 mph
3,300 ft
colors: black grey and yellow

National treasure
130 ft
50 mph
4,800 ft
colors: wooden colors

Spider man
305 ft
90 mph
8,100 ft
colors: red, black, dark blue

Batman Begins
Flying coaster
120 ft
50 mph
4,600 ft
colors, black, grey, red

Well i built these on tycoon 2. these are only some in my tycoon park. seeya!


Re: Create A Theme Park by Geauga_Dog Geauga_Dog Profile at 8/29/05 10:36:55 PM

Park name: Crossroads America
(Taking Marriott's Great America idea to the next level)


BAYOU BEAST - Port Royale (New Orleans theme area)
MANUFACTURER:Bolliger and Mabillard inverted coaster
HEIGHT:150 feet high
FEATURES: Seven inversions - vertical loop, Immelman, zero-g roll, batwing (like PCar's Top Gun and BGT Montu), flat spin, and a new inversion I like to call the rollover - start out like a flat spin but do a zero-g roll that ends in coming out of a flatspin.

F5: STORM RIDER - Tombstone Territory (American Southwest area)
MAUNFACTURER: Bolliger and Mabillard floorless
HEIGHT: 160 feet high
FEATURES: A modified layout of SFMM's Riddler's Revenge but replace incline loop with zero-g roll.

CLIFFHANGER - Tombstone Territory
MANUFACTURER: Intamin Gyro Drop
HEIGHT: 310 feet
FEATURES: The tower would actually be themed to look like a giant rock wall.

SASQUATCH - Northern Frontiers (Pacific Northwest/Alaska theme)
HEIGHT: 125 feet high
FEATURES: Always been intrigued by how secluded the Beast is and how wild HW's Voyage is going to look. At least 6500 feet of track, two tunnels, and at least one 90 degree banked turn.

CRUSADER - Hollywood Action Backlot
MANUFACTURER: Bolliger and Mabillard flyer
HEIGHT: 110 feet
FEATURES: A new custom layout with zero-g roll and pretzel loop and maybe one new element.

AFTER SHOCK - Hollywood Action Backlot
MANUFACTURER: Bolliger and Mabillard hyper coaster
HEIGHT: 240 feet
FEATURES: A custom twister layout with two underground tunnels and overbanked turns. I would go with Intamin only if they could fix the seat belt issues plaguing some of their rides.

AMERICAN THUNDER - Heartland Festival (country fair theme)
MANUFACTURER: Great Coasters International
HEIGHT: 100 feet
FEATURES: A Coney Island Cyclone type twister but nowhere near a replica of the original ride.

SCREAM FORCE - Heartland Festival
MANUFACTURER: Intamin Impulse
HEIGHT: 180 feet
FEATURES: This will feature the straight spike with holding brake.

SPEED DEMON - Bayside Boardwalk (oceanfront themed area that would link the theme park with Oceans America, the water park)
MANUFACTURER: Intamin Rocket
HEIGHT: 200 feet
FEATURES: Think of a slightly taller and longer Storm Runner with Knott's Xcellerator theme.

PATRIOT - Olde New England (colonial theme area)
MANUFACTUER: Vekoma Invertigo
(I know WoF's new Beemer will be Patriot but until I could think of a new name to fit this area, it will have to do)

THUNDER BIRD - Kid's Camp America (Children's theme area)
MANUFACTURER: Vekoma Family Suspended Coaster
(Think Rugrats Runaway Reptar at PKI)

RED CANYON MINE RIDE - Kid's Camp America
MANUFACTURER: Vekoma Roller Skater (with mine themed cars)
(Think Woodstock Express at CP but with custom layout)