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Keansburg, NJ Carousel Question


3/30/04 at
5:55:06 PM

I remember visiting this park a number of years ago and there was an antique carousel, a 3 or 4 row Looff park machine I believe. I understand a few years ago it was replaced by a Chance Americana carousel. Anyone know what happened to it? Strange b/c I don't recall hearing anything about a carousel up there being broken up at auction, and usually this causes much publicity. Thanks

Re: Keansburg, NJ Carousel Question by ratdogdv at 9/27/11 10:59:28 AM

The Carousel was broken up and sold at auction in the late 1980's due to the owners' need for cash - the owners at the time apparently just about ruined the whole place. Fortunately, the former / original owners have taken over again. The horses were replaced with fiberglass ones and you really can't see anything of the original carousel anymore. The small one at the kiddie park remains intact with it's small metal horses. Occasionally you can find a Keansburg Carousel horse on line. is one of the best places. I bought my horse from them ( yes, a Keansburg horse that I names Shorty after the carousel operator in the early 1960s )Hope this helps you.

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