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Theme Park Studio

Posted: 5/14/13 at 12:09:47 PM
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I'm sure you've seen the numerous updates they post on Facebook and their Kickstarter campaign they are running:

I'm liking what I'm seeing -- has anyone else contributed to it and what are your thoughts of the game/company/etc?

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Re: Theme Park Studio by Jumbo-Jet Jumbo-Jet Profile at 5/15/13 9:18:48 PM
I've been following Theme Park Studio on Facebook and I can't wait until its release! The two main things I'm concerned about are the difficulty of ride/park construction (due to the life-like detail) and the price. Besides being able to custom build all the rides...including the flat rides, I hope there is a huge selection of pre-built rides (flat rides and coasters), where it can be played like Roller Coaster Tycoon.
Re: Theme Park Studio by antikythera at 5/22/13 11:57:46 PM
I opted to contribute to the Kick Starter, considering they were offering the game for as low as a $20 donation. Figured, even if it's a flop, it's not breaking the bank.
Re: Theme Park Studio by mugen828 at 6/18/13 9:27:34 AM
Just took a look and this looks interesting as hell!

One thing though, while watching, it looks like the customization is amazing, but also a bit much. I don't want to have to worry about physics of a pendulum and have to build something like that from scratch. It'd be cool if they had a preset flat ride, and I could choose from 100's of different pieces to make mine unique, as well as having the option to build from scratch. That might be a bit too much to ask, but hey, that's what would win the hardcore, and casual player.

Looks like they reached their goal. I hope to play this when it comes out, which is...when?

- mugen828
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Re: Theme Park Studio by antikythera at 6/19/13 1:09:06 PM
They are aiming for January with a beta release in November. Since I contributed so much, I'm guaranteed a spot in the beta so I'll let you know how it goes.
Re: Theme Park Studio by CoasterTomNJ at 6/24/14 6:29:59 PM
Hello everyone. It's my first time here and I would like to share my thoughts on this new game. It's already on Steam for early access for about twenty dollars. It's the full version and comes with the updates so when the full game releases you'll already have it and won't have to pay more money which is awesome. Someone also said that there are no preset flat rides to place they are wrong. I was looking on YouTube and they will have plenty of flat rides to choose from to place where ever you'd like. Also, I can't wait for this simulator/game because then I can build replica of real parks and expand them to what I think will happen next year giving a visual image of future events which wasn't possible before this game. I'm definitely gonna build a replica of SixFlags Great Adventure, which is my home park, and expand it to show the rumors for the future of the park. Also it will be awesome with the plethora of content to create something unique and awesome.