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RCT Loopy Landscapes install problem

Posted: 5/16/12 at 3:01:50 PM
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When I try to install Loopy Landscapes (brand new disk) onto my Windows 7 computer it just stops working (Install not responding) right before it finishes. Does anyone know how to install Loopy Landscapes onto a Windows 7 computer. The original Rollercoaster Tycoon works fine.

Re: RCT Loopy Landscapes install problem by Rooey at 5/19/12 4:24:02 AM
I had the same problem and managed to get it to install, sort of.

Open up your start menu, then right click on "computer" which is on the right hand side. Next click on "advanced system settings". Under the "performance" title, click on "settings". Click on the "Data execution prevention" tab then select the box that says "Turn on DEP for all programmes and services except those I select:" Click on "Add" and add the location of the RCT.exe file. Click "apply" at the bottom and restart your computer.

This allowed me to install it and run it. However whilst the main menu was changed and new features have been added into the game, the loopy landscapes scenarios tab is not there and so I only get 2 new scenarios to play, one under real parks and one on the extras tab.

Apparently the graphics and links to the files cannot be read but all the files have been installed. Not sure how to get round this one, might be an issue with my computer.

Anyway, hope it helps :-)

Oh and making the changes above caused one programme on my computer to not open, so I put it back to how it was originally by selecting the other option on data execution prevention tab after installing. The game still works fine.