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How to design a good roller coaster in RCT3

Posted: 2/6/12 at 6:11:53 AM
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I will designe a roller coaster in Roller coater tycoon 3. And I will know if you should try the coaster what are the most important?? the theme, hight, speed or other??
Read all you can, more than better. Please :)

Re: How to design a good roller coaster in RCT3 by shinorama at 4/1/12 7:04:20 AM
ok theme on a ride doesnt add to the thrill on the specs of your ride. The spped how ever does as this can make a ride exciting or extreme. Going through inversions ( loops , corkscrew ect) fast doesnt make good excitment rtating, but will add to intensity and nausia. To make a good ride you need the train/ carts to do the inversion smoothly. '' just making it'' is not really ideal either, as sometimes after the rides been in use for a while could cause the train to not make it and go backwards... if you 2 trains running... well say no more. Also balance the inversions, dont do a loop then imediately a barrel roll a tight turn then corkscrew - boring and intensity will rise higher than excitement rating. Happy building