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RCT (original) Saved game problem

Posted: 10/7/10 at 6:52:12 PM
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Yes, you read the topic correctly. I am still playing the original RCT game. Now, I had to reformat my system due to some viral problems and so i went to the location of the saved games (c:program fileshasbro interactiveRCTsaved games) and copied all of them before formatting. Now, i have reinstalled the game, and went back to the same directory and placed the games. I have done the first six levels. Now when i go to load the game, it loads fine and i can play my park, however, when i start a new game (to continue my journey to the end) it says i have not played any of them. How can i use my saved games to start back to where i left off? So when i click new game, it puts the check mark by the ones that i already beat and saved.

Please tell me this can be done for I'd rather not replay all of these levels again!