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RCT3 Help!

Posted: 8/14/10 at 7:26:49 PM
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I am on the Island Hopping level. I have put 2 coasters in so far satisfying the requirements of not going over the max speed and the game says I have not and won't check off that objective. Anyone else have this problem or know how I can fix it. I have triple checked numerous times to make sure the coasters fit the objective. Thanks!

Re: RCT3 Help! by crogiez crogiez Profile at 10/2/10 3:55:53 PM


18 scenery for RCT3 on my site

Yet another speed pay off the loan exercise. You have 10K at start and that is more than enough to hire a mechanic and train him fully, hire a couple janitors and train them a bit. Build an info booth, ATM, toilet and both food stalls and both drink stalls. One of each type of regular ride, a coaster and all the paths to connect them.

The first time through I experimented with building the submarine ride and then placing scenery buried in the water. Try that in Coaster Cam, it is pretty cool...

You also need to build 3 coasters during this game. You can use a premade coaster, but it is cheaper and more effective to build your own. You just have to build them to the proper length, and keep them under the 50 odd MPH. That's the part that is hard for most to decipher, where other parks you build long and fast coasters, here it is a short and slow series. You can see in the pictures everything fit on one island. There is a great deal of path building as the island can not be modified and the slopes are not even.

You will want to add a few janitors and another mechanic. Also you will want to boost the prices of ride tickets by 50% or so, and then open the ride management screen and look at weekly profit and manage that. As soon as you pay off the loan, go ahead and borrow as much as you need back and build the other two coasters for the win. As in other pay off loan strategies, paying down a 1000 and then using the next thousand to build one thrill ride and one stall or shop is another strategy to accelerate the payoff.

There is no need to advertise, though that is a way to get more peeps to come in who will max out the ride queues. You can not charge for admission, so hit them on ride and the prices they pay for food and novelties. You can build very simple coasters, or try to build exciting ones within the confines of keeping the speed down. You can use scenery to enhance, but that is all icing on the cake.

rct3 help for all