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RRT 1 - Beating Octogon Park

Posted: 7/6/10 at 12:18:10 AM
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Hi I am trying to beat Octagon Park in the original Roller Coaster Tycoon. I have what I believe to be 10 unique coasters all at least the required 1200 meters (I'm Canadian I have my measurements in Meters. I believe its 3,947 feet?) and all with at least an excitement rating of 7.00. (I have double and triple checked this) However the level is not completing. In game time I completed the last coaster in June Year 12. The game is currently in October Year 13.

The coasters I have built are:
1. Steel
2. Virginia Reel
3. Mine Train
4. Flying Coaster
5. Wooden Twister Coaster
6. Suspended Looping Coaster
7. Vertical Coaster
8. Steel Twister Coaster
9. Stand-Up Coaster
10. Inverted Coaster

I have had 2 of these coaster crash on me. But I have repaired altered them and I have watched the comments on both of them go for awhile and I do not have anyone saying that its an unsafe ride. So I can't see this being the cause.

Does anyone know why the level isn't completing? Do any of these coasters not count as unique coasters? Is there a hidden time limit in the objectives? Thanks you to anyone who can explain this to me.