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Roller Coaster Mania

Posted: 6/27/10 at 1:29:58 PM
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There is another series of roller coaster building games I just found out about called "Roller Coaster Mania". Roller Coaster Mania 2 and 3 are available for download only at for $9.99 each. It appears that those games have been around for some time, possibly dating back to the Windows 95 or 98 era. The most recent recommended operating system for those games is Windows XP, so I'm guessing they will also work on Windows Vista and 7. I haven't yet bought the games, but strongly considering it. The coasters in the screenshots look very much like a cross between RCT3 and No Limits. Also, just like the other coaster building sims such as No Limits, Scream Machines, Ultimate Ride (Disney), etc., there appears to be no peeps, so I'm not expecting it to be a RCT series "knock-off".