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RCT1 question

Posted: 6/14/10 at 6:24:02 AM
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New here, I recently started playing RCT1 (great game) my problem is not with the game, the game works perfect. My problem is when I quit the game and return to my desktop, mouse seems sluggish and everything has bad delay, I click a icon to access the internet for example; it takes minutes to load, seems like it freezes. The mouse does not move move normally like it did, it moves sluggish and it seems all my icons in my task bar are weird colors / with no details to em, just sloppy looking? I dont know how to describe it to be honest. I tried contacted ATI no emails on the website, I tried signing up for the ATI forum, registration is closed. Any help would be great appreciated.

Re: RCT1 question by jgljgl at 6/6/11 7:58:31 PM

I've experience the same problem on my system. Windows Vista with plenty of RAM and and ATI card. Maybe its an ATI issue. I suspect maybe something with the DirectX drivers and versions.