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Facebook's Roller Coaster Kingdom

Posted: 10/25/09 at 1:03:13 PM
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Who here is using Roller Coaster Kingdom on Facebook. It's no RCT but it's free and it's fun to compete with your fbook friends.

I'm on level 11, but there isn't much room to expand and you need a lot of friends (neighbours) to expand your park.

What does everyone think?

Re: Facebook's Roller Coaster Kingdom by JumboJet JumboJet Profile at 11/14/09 11:38:48 AM

I've played it, but just noticed that in order to bring in guests (by clicking the button on the upper right of the screen), you have to buy more "coaster cash" where you need real cash (credit card or PayPal), which I feel is a rip-off! The game is NOT 100% free! You are right at the fact that it is not RCT! Even EA's Sim Theme Park series blows away Facebook's Roller Coaster Kingdom!

Re: Facebook's Roller Coaster Kingdom by thirstydeer at 3/8/10 10:38:34 PM

That's the very reason why I don't play that Facebook application - cause you have to get tons of friends involved if you are going to get anything out of the game, and you need to spend money, and it's just not as fun.